True Miracles Rising – Part 1

There are some mighty, life-changing, legacy blessings God is releasing. So, is your heart aligned to receive?

A big way God blesses us is through people for whom we have a heart. That’s why it’s important to receive deliverance from fear of man and exercise forgiving love.

1 John 4:20-21 TPT reminds us that “Anyone can say, ‘I love God,’ yet have hatred toward another believer.” It goes onto say that God “has given us this command: whoever loves God must also demonstrate love to others.”

It’s about treating others with dignity and respect, not returning insult for insult but blessing them, even in prayer, if in no other way (1 Pe 3:9).

Often, the enemy will try to attack us through the very person God desires to use to bless us. But we can be wiser than the devil by seeing with the eyes of God and acting on His plan. We can step back and ask God, “What’s really going on here? What would You have me see and know?” God has always answered these questions for me in impossible situations.

God will use enemy provokes to get our attention and reveal a root issue in us for the purpose of our repentance and deliverance in order to bless us. We can choose to stop letting un-resolve hinder our blessings by getting honest with God, letting past hurts go and living more in His light of eternal life inside of us.

This doesn’t necessarily mean reconciliation with offenders. God’s order is repentance before reconciliation. So, if offenders do not get honest and repent with God and you, there can be no reconciliation with you. Still, God will still use offenders to get our attention to show us what’s in our hearts and chase us back to Him more deeply, where we can first experience victory over our situations.

Unrepentant offenders will eventually fall away. But God will use some repentant offenders to flood blessing into our lives, like a river, when we move past offense to compassion, like Joseph did toward his brothers, who sold him into slavery.

God causes them to see our value and worth as they are willing. He opens their eyes to His truth and brings conviction for repentance as He lifts us before them in unexpected ways that only He can do.

This is growing them in His grace. It is manifest vindication, and it’s miraculous.

The Tyndale Bible Dictionary defines miracle as “A divine act by which God reveals himself to people.” It goes on to say that it’s not necessarily contrary to natural law but, in fact, uses nature, such as “the wind that parted the Red Sea.” Faith is a critical element, since “a natural approach cannot prove or disprove the presence of” a miracle. Also, “the timing and content of the process can be miraculous, even though the event may seem natural. The revelatory significance is also important. In every case God performed the miracle not merely as a ‘wonder’ to inspire awe but as a ‘sign’ to draw people to himself.”

This is exceptional news for those of us who have grown in God’s miraculous grace and waited a long time for major shifts. God does have miraculous timing for us, and has already given us incremental breakthroughs, including and often beginning with, revelation-understanding.

In mid-December 2021, our Lord revealed to me that miracles can have an appointed time, just like justice has a Heavenly court date. Our lifelong destinies are released along a determined timeline. Miracles are a part of this so that a fullness of joy can be experienced on earth as a witness to others.

Many have held hope in their hearts for a long time to see God’s promised miracles manifest, especially in regards to others for whom we have a heart, even the difficult ones. So, the once-resistant is who God desires to bless us through, and He’s bringing us into His perfect time. He has been using His promises to build our faith and joy in Him as we plant seeds according to His will. God’s promised miracles will surely burst forth like a river. He will reward the faith-filled, His obedient ones. It’s coming very soon. And He will surely bring us to our knees in humble awe as He dazzles us.

We often think of miracles coming down from above. And they do. But they touch what is already embedded in our hearts. God is breathing life on what we lift to Him by invitation. He will not breathe on what we withhold from Him. So, it’s time to unlock our deepest desires, our buried treasures that we value most and lift them to Him in trust believing that He is our life-giving Miracle-Worker, who truly desires to bless all involved in this way.

God has leveled the mountains that He made us overcome. Those we certainly could not have scaled alone. Our best blessings are on the other side and right before us in plain sight, now that the mountains have been leveled. We’re almost there, so keep moving forward until all is made manifest.

Let’s thank God for this new life He gives, believing He is bringing it to pass in His way and time. Miraculously.

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3 Replies to “True Miracles Rising – Part 1”

  1. Score! I couldn’t take notes quickly enough. My heart is aligned to receive what you teach. Thanks for clarity that forgiveness is not necessarily reconciliation with others; that sometimes the enemy chooses to use people as a means to who God intends to use to bless us.
    May your lifework reach abundant amounts of people. We need your gift. Christina

    1. God is so amazing! I love how He knows just what we need when we need it and works to produce His best outcome in our lives. The quote was, “Just let Me have My way in this.” <3

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