Happy New Year With Love!

This wreath hangs on the front door of a historic church on Main Street in downtown Greeneville, TN.

Glynn and I were blessed to celebrate New Year’s while on vacay in the Caribbean. Mind you, I was sick when we arrived (but quickly recovered), and we worked every day except two!

While there, The Lord led me to snap some fabulous photos to be used on social media for 2020. And He enabled my small creative-tech-editorial team and I to craft and post our first month of video-devos for this new year. I am amazed and excited daily about what The Lord has done and is doing! I marvel at how He brought (and is still bringing) all the many pieces together step-by-step so SWIFTLY to make this (His) ongoing project happen.

If you would like to receive these weekly video-devos in your email inbox, please subscribe now, as the first one is scheduled to be emailed January 5, with subsequent ones to follow each Sunday throughout 2020.

Thank you for your prayers as God continues to reveal to us how to do His assignments.

To Him be the glory!

Special thanks to Salem Web Network, which graciously re-posts these video-devos on their platforms, including iBelieve.com.

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