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While seeking The Lord a couple of weeks ago, He revealed to me that He’s releasing freedom through deliverance, as well as detailed wisdom to His beloved to help us with the mega shifts that are happening now and that will extend into the near future. 

These are trajectory re-sets for new beginnings that He desires to bring us into. 

There’s a baton passing that’s about to occur in many people’s lives, if it hasn’t already; and we need to hear from God concerning exit strategies and admission into our new assignments.

On this particular morning, Holy Spirit showed me a string of Word-visions. A key Word that He highlighted repeatedly was “exchange.”

Our Lord, Jesus, has some great exchanges to offer us, and His cross is the great exchange post, where we can lay down all that hinders for full access for which He paid.

It may encourage you to know that a Biblical definition of the Word exchange is recompense, restitution and reward (Strong’s #8545). 

It can also reference “exchanging the truth for a lie” (Vine’s #3337). And, when it does, it’s connected with the concept of atonement (Vine’s #465). 

The ones who take hold of Jesus’ hand and go there will experience the high value He offers—beyond what they ever knew existed. They will come into what they’ve always desired but what seemed to elude them . . . until now.

When we look at the Word exchange, we can clearly see the root word “change.” 

For many, right now, Holy Spirit is knocking on the doors of hearts to gain access to the one, last, core withholding—the pinpointed soul issue(s) that He has been digging for all along—to release His best treasure in their lives. 

Jesus is our Great Exchange, and now is the time for Him to escort us from being bound-up into a fruitful bounty. 

It may help to picture it as the life cycle of His ad-mission into our souls for the re-mission of our sins to be sent out on a whole new mission in life. 

God has new assignments for us that cannot come into place any other way. This includes new, forthcoming covenant connections with whom He is yoking us. 

So, His invitation to repentance is so that we can be co-missioned anew to prove out this new ad-mission (like add-mission).

God is ready to add more of Himself to our mission and touch more hearts. But it requires that we choose to abide and not hide from His Spirit any longer.

It’s time to shift out of the hopelessness of Gideon and into the power of Godliness.

Holy Spirit knows precisely what apprehension each of us has to hand over to Him. He’s waiting for us to say, “You’re right, Lord. Here it is. I give it to You and repent of having made it an idol by withholding it in darkness away from Your light of truth.” He’s waiting for us to finally admit that it has been a reality that we’ve held onto long enough that just doesn’t serve us or His Kingdom well.

It’s time to finally overcome and enter into what is truly His better, far better and best.

My strong, convicting sense on this morning a couple of weeks ago, was and is that when we let Jesus into our ugliest place of fear and unbelief, the terror that has tried to hide the most will have no further hiding place, and Holy Spirit will instantly deliver us with His light of new life in a split second.

And any terror that we feel in the process of deliverance is just trying to hide itself until it’s forced out into the light. 

God knows we can go there with Him, because He has grown us in trusting Him for this pivot. 

And once we take His hand again and invite Him in, we’ll be able to continue to progress with Him to prove out what’s honorable as His Shalom—which is His wholeness, the nothing missing and nothing broken that He truly is.

So, in an atoning type of exchange, Jesus takes our substitutions for Him and disposes of them as far as the east is from the west, to a place of no condemnation (Strong’s #4171, #8545). He takes the altered things in our souls that we lay at the cross before Him and straightens us from the inside out with His loving mercy and grace.

Will you go there with Him? Will you come into this new place He has for you that’s better than you can imagine? Will you say, “Yes, Lord”?

To Him be all glory, honor and praise.


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