Trust Him

As we keep our eyes on Jesus during this advent season, we can remember that He is with us and comes to offer us new life through His Glory-Presence, grace-power and wisdom. This is especially important right now as many continue to break through into new and higher places.

Where there has been faithful submission to Jesus, there will be an outward shift.

Even where there has been imperfection in the testing, learning and growing, He promises to “overwhelm your failure with His generous grace” as in James 1:5 TPT. 

And especially where it has looked impossible and nothing in our own strength worked except to teach us that only His way does, He will bless us with grace-filled new beginnings. 

But it doesn’t stop here. 

God is blessing the seeds He instructed us to plant over the last-season years, including seeds of prayer. They are about to spring up, especially over the next couple of years. These harvests will be miraculous, ordered by God and multiplied for legacy purposes.

God will also remember our obedience to His instructions and He will bless our faithfulness.

Ruth 2:12 NCV declares, “May The Lord reward you for all you have done.”

In this light, a couple of weeks ago, as I sat before our Lord, He showed me these Word-visions in this order: Trust Him. Seeded lot. Harvesttime. Solid ground.”

These Words reveal a progressive path of upgrade He has had us on, which remains true against enemy battles. 

Holy Spirit reminded me of Abraham, who brought his nephew, Lot, along with him as he departed his father’s house (Ge 12:4). We know the story, where it gets to the point that Abraham had to delineate a boundary with Lot to sustain the blessing (Ge 12:9-12).

And so, Abraham offered Lot his top choice of land. At the point where Lot received this land, Abraham sowed a tangible seed. And God did not forget. 

God rewarded Abraham for what he did by blessing him even more. And this spiritual principle is what I believe many, who have sowed seeds, are coming into.

When we zoom out and look at the very beginning of God’s instruction to depart from his father’s house, we see that Abraham welcomed Lot along. To me, this reveals Abraham’s heart for his fatherless nephew. I believe his fatherly heart is largely what God blessed as Abraham stepped out into new places that were unknown to him by faith, trusting Father God. 

Over time, God separated Abraham out and enabled him to receive outward blessings, even increasing them beyond his lifetime on earth, through all the seeds he sowed.

The point here is that God blesses our hearts when we do our best, even when we don’t get it completely right. And He also blesses our tangible efforts of obedience. All of these seeds of action-faith are about to meet God’s grace to produce more tangible fruit. 

Just like Abraham, there are those who stepped out in faith and trusted God to go and sow seed. And now, they will be rewarded. There are those who sowed “land” seed, like Abraham, and those who sowed “hospitality” seeds, like Abraham, who are in the process of reaping their harvests. 

These harvests will put God’s faithful on solid ground as they reap that for which they contended, that for which Holy Spirit revealed and promised, that for which they prayed, for which they waited and for which they will ultimately receive. 

It may not come the way we anticipate. God will bring us through some unexpected elements to grow us in Him. But our faith will be made strong in the process as we trust Him and come to know Him and His ways more. And in so doing, He will test others—the onlookers, the immature, like nephew Lot—to also grow them. 

God is a God of wholeness, shalom peace. He will not stop until our feet are set on solid ground. He will not leave us part of the way. He will not fail us. He will see us through. 

And when we are fully set in place, a fullness of joy will come. We will experience new life, a new normal, a new beginning. As we depart from the past, God will grow us even more in delighting in Him. He will make our joy full. And He will cause us to flourish to the point of helping others. He will cause us to share Godly wisdom and tangible goods. 

He will instruct us on how to build upon what He gave to us. He will delineate some relationships, reunite others and bring in new ones. He will give us all we need to fulfill divine destiny, including leaving a powerful legacy that honors Him.

To Him be all glory, honor and praise. 

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, 


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