Timeline Devotion

In six to nine months, we’ll begin to see the discreet things that Holy Spirit revealed to us come into place rapidly. There’s a momentum that cannot be stopped with sudden shifts included. 

God’s prepared ones will know what to do, because they’ve been listening and obeying Him incrementally over time. They have been devoted to Him in His timeline for a long time and, therefore, will prove strong in His life plan for them.

Those who have committed to Him in the secret place have a sense of what’s to come. So, they won’t be surprised. They will be delighted in their new freedoms. And they’ll fit perfectly into their new normal, because God will meet them in His tangible, holy expectations. 

For these devoted ones, it will feel like an awesome finale and a whole new beginning. A relief will wash over them. 

But for the misaligned, it may feel shocking, even though they thought they were prepared. They may be blindsided or feel dumbfounded because their thoughts are not His and they have gone their own way. Those who remain won’t know what to do and will experience desperation. 

It’s a good time to pray about what’s to come—both personally and outside of ourselves. It’s a good time to be ready to share Jesus in ways that we never have. It’s a good time to be ready to meet “unexpected” needs as they present themselves. 

We can have our houses in order to be ready and available as the head, not the tail, to minister reconciliation and meet practical needs from a place of strength in Jesus to those hurting around us. 

We see this happening right now, especially in war-torn countries—how allies and border nations help refugees. Likewise, there are a lot of spiritual refugees who won’t have a clue about what’s next or right in the eyes of God in many situations. They will have exhausted their own arsenals of intellect. They won’t know what to do and will be ripe for the new thing God desires for their lives. 

And you and I can be the hands and feet of Jesus that meet the willing and bring change of direction to their lives.

How exciting is this?!

It’s largely why we’re here: To invite others into relationship with Jesus. It may not be pretty but it will be joyous. It may not even feel familiar but it will extend God’s Kingdom family. And it will reset beauty in us all. 

About five years ago, Holy Spirit revealed to me there would be massive shifts coming up that would feel unpleasant but, processed in alignment with Him, they would prove freeing. To go through these shifts properly and victoriously would require a commitment to Him and His ways. There will be no room or time for knee-jerk reactions, only obedience to His revealed will because they will happen so swiftly, one after the other. 

This mega transition will be an expanse of major life-changing events for many. But those who walk closely with The Lord will be ready. It will not throw them off course but free them to continue in the will of God in areas in which they previously felt bound. 

A lot will be swirling around them in the world, and even in their personal worlds, but they will know precisely what to do, where to go and how to do it, because they have already been advised in the secret place and will continue to be led by Holy Spirit. 

They will not be afraid because God’s direction has been made familiar to them by now. So, they will operate in faith and in Godspeed, as their normal. God will be with them all the way, even meeting them in their new destinations that will be refined for them and their aligned descendants to flourish.

This will be a time of clear decision, where many will get off the proverbial fence. There will be delineations and demarcations. It will not be church as usual, as powerless churches will be left in the dust, bypassed as God’s anointed ones do the true work of Christ, which is the Great Commission.

In the midst, there will be rich rewards for God’s beloved saints who walk out  righteousness, for those who move with Him and in Him as in Acts 17:28. There will be no regrets as they are delivered forward into the long awaited, manifest promises of God. 

And we all have the option to be one of them as we submit to God more deeply in this exciting time just before us.

So, Dear Lord, 

We need You and we trust You to help us. 

To You be all glory, honor and praise.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


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