Star Quality

Decades ago, when I was a teen, I judged beauty pageants. It was great fun (and a relief) for me to be on this end of these events. The number one trait I looked for in each contestant was star quality. And it was obvious. 

So many pretty, intelligent and trained girls and young women would grace the stage with their costumes and talents and natural beauty. But all this aside, star quality was something they either had or they didn’t. And those who didn’t simply could not compete with those who did, no matter how hard they tried. 

Of course, in Holy Scripture, this brings to mind Queen Esther, whose very name means star. Obviously, her name was prophetic.

And interestingly, her original Hebrew name was Hadassah, which means myrtle. So, God took His myrtle and made her into a star to fulfill a major legacy purpose.

Queen Esther understood that God was her Morning Star, her new beginning, her source from whom the favor of life was extended, even through her earthly authorities, like King Xerxes (Es 2:17).

And she knew it wasn’t just about her. 

Queen Esther chose the narrow path and did the risky thing. She put her whole spirit, soul and body on the line for the lives of many others. She was willing and courageous. 

And like stars from afar, we marvel at her story today.

Just a few weeks ago, Holy Spirit showed me that “It’s palace time” in a Word-vision. The first Bible character that came to mind was Joseph and then Esther days later. But what was most prominent for both was how the star quality of favor worked for them in their new roles to honor God and save lives.

And isn’t this what it’s all about? The burning desire to go beyond one’s self with The Morning Star?

I believe Holy Spirit is highlighting this right now for many. I believe that the manifestation has been firmly decided and that it will happen very soon. I believe God is sending His submitted and favored ones out to be a part of divine turnarounds that flip the enemy’s plan and provide thresholds for others to enter into God’s goodness of life.

So, after Holy Spirit showed me the “star quality” Word-vision, He led me to King Hezekiah in the Book of Isaiah, chapters 36-40. 

What I saw here were parallels with Queen Esther’s story in terms of strong leadership that walked with God amid enemies for the sake of many. What Holy Spirit highlighted to me most was a warning to always put God’s Word and ways above the enemy’s attempts at mind games and physical confrontations, because selfishness kills legacy.

This is especially important right now, because many are headed into legacy assignments, especially in the area of family. We must resist lies of the enemy through ones he sends to try to deceive us into doubting the truth our Lord reveals. We shouldn’t even invite them in.

As Hezekiah’s story goes in Isaiah chapter 39, not long after God promised him 15 more years of life and healed him, Hezekiah “opened the doors,” to the enemy by welcoming an entourage, sent by the King of Babylon, into his palace. The name of this King of Babylon means “Baal is his lord.” It means the “god of blood and slaughter, mars, war, murder” (vs 1-2 TPT).

Hezekiah, the one who was known for demolishing idols, not only invited this enemy in, he foolishly showed them all of the palace treasures. 

And the reason Hezekiah did this was because he was “delighted by” the Babylonian king’s “letters and a lavish gift.” Plus, he had “a desire to impress them.”

We know that Matthew 7:6 NLT advises us otherwise by saying, “Don’t waste what is holy on people who are unholy. Don’t throw your pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you.”

Similarly, the prophet Isaiah warned Hezekiah in verse 6, saying that “The days are coming when all the treasures in your palace and all the wealth that your ancestors have stored up until this day will be carried off to Babylon; absolutely nothing will be left.” 

Isaiah then goes onto to say that some of Hezekiah’s own sons will be deported, mutilated and serving this enemy, Babylon.

All because Hezekiah, the one The Lord saved from illness and death, the one whose life was extended fifteen more years, thought of himself first, ahead of God’s supreme vision and authority and those he was charged to lead well. 

Isaiah 39:8 TPT says, “For he thought, ‘At least for me, there will be peace and security in my lifetime.’”

God knew that, due to his selfishness, Hezekiah would mess up legacy if He let him live long enough. But we don’t have to do the same. We can put God and His plan first above ourselves. We can wisely resist evil and take authority in alignment with God over who has access through our doors.

This is what Queen Esther did. 

It’s also what King Jesus did. 

And it’s what God expects us to do as He continues to position us to build legacy with Him. 

So, pray with me, if you will . . . 

Dear Lord, 

Thank You for Your favor and this clear warning to reverence You and live by Your truth and love above all else, and especially beyond ourselves, as we build legacy with You for Your glory.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name. 


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