Rebellion vs. Redemption

We know that God sent His only begotten Son to save us from our rebellion: to recover us, restore us, cure us and make us well (Jn 3:17). To have relationship with Him as our Redeemer.  

One of the most prominent ways I’m seeing Him work right now is in the area of relationships in that He is miraculously redeeming them.

I’m referring to healthy relationships He desires us to experience for His higher purposes. I’m talking about close relationships with family and friends from whom we may have lived at a distance for a time. Maybe even years.

God is bringing them back around again. He is restoring them as He has grown each individual. And this time, they will prove better than before as He reveals more of His purpose to do good works for His Kingdom. Together.

As we go forth, we will sense and know God’s purpose in it all.

He will even reveal the work He has done in individuals to show others He has redeemed them. He will go so far as to have the redeemed ones help the wronged ones in a way that only they can. And in all of this, God will humble hearts.

He has been building powerhouses of individuals, who have allowed Him to work within them. And now, He’s aligning them with others to create a strong, outward bond for His good pleasure and for expanded Kingdom work. This could only happen, as He has renewed their minds and hearts individually.

He has made them lasting for relationships that will last (Jn 15:16).

Gone are the old rebellious ways of the past, as He converges us closer to the pinnacle of purpose than we’ve ever been. It hasn’t peaked yet. We’re just getting started. There’s so much more forward.

And it won’t be just about one event, even if the one event is a big one. There will be a multiplicity. A string of events, where one will affect the other. Not in a ripple effect, per se, where the impact fades, but in a sequence of separate events, impacted by the ones before.

God has greater glory and broader expansion He can entrust to us now, as we’ve learned to trust Him more.

Perhaps you’ve noticed Him rearranging your surroundings, instructing you to “go this way,” helping you to not miss His promises. Perhaps you’ve begun a new project that you cannot finish yourself. And now, He’s bringing in the help you need. Or maybe, He’s promoting you into your heart’s desire—progressing you with honor to your new, next assignment.

Watch for relationships to be restored in the midst. He will warm our hearts with old ones made new and sustainable. He will position us to put into practice the work He’s done in us. He will strengthen us with new-found relationships.

His methods may prove serendipitous. Suddenly, a door will close and another one will open. Then another and another. And one of the most beautiful elements in it all is His redemptive strength of truth.

We will bear witness to a lovely view of His strength as we see it work on our behalves in new areas (Ro 12:2 TPT). It will pour through us to connect with others fearlessly to accomplish tasks. We will experience the deep development He once did now work on our behalves outwardly. We will see His victory in our lives in new ways as He does, by His grace-work, what we didn’t see as possible earlier in life.

This reminds me of the redemptive work in Jericho, using Rahab’s cord in which two Israeli spies ultimately took hold of the cord not easily broken for greater freedom (Jos 2:15, 18; Ec 4:12).

What looked impossible proved accessible in a cyclical process when the two spies returned to impact this fortified city and rescue Rahab and her family (Jos 6:17, 22-23, 25).

So, get ready for fortresses to crumble and for our Way Maker to reveal Himself in ways that will shock, awe and amaze. We can expect a whole new outcome, as it won’t be like before. God is bringing us into position right now, where we will experience breakthrough after breakthrough. Connection after connection. Wholeness. Fluidity. And an abundance of blessing.

Pray with me, if you will…

Dear Lord,

Thank You for redeeming us so Your redemption can flow through us. Thank You for restoring Your fountain of life in our souls so we can flow in Your river of power to impact progress. Thank You for taking us to new places to accomplish Your will. Thank You for producing lasting fruit through us for Your glory. May we please You in all we do.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name.


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