Poverty vs. Enrichment

Recently, a dear friend shared something with me that was heavy on their heart. It involved a man, who is a beloved family member and doesn’t know our Lord. This man was facing the end of his life and chaos surrounded him. This man is also very wealthy.

For days, I prayed for the ailing man, but I didn’t sense anything from our Lord. I knew God doesn’t want anyone to perish, and my soul needed peace. Then, one day, Holy Spirit highlighted a scripture to me, letting me know He had heard my prayers.

The scripture was Jeremiah 33:3 and the part Holy Spirit highlighted was “I will answer you.”

This entire verse in the Amplified Version says, “Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.”

In the past, I have seen this scripture as God revealing His mysteries to those who seek Him, especially His wisdom. But now, in this new season, I have come to see it as God showing up in impossible situations and showing off, revealing Himself to those who seek Him in new ways to them that will restore their hearts from their deepest cries to manifest expressions of His love, leaving them in awestruck wonder.

In short, I am believing for this spiritually, emotionally and physically poor man to be restored in such a way that he will come to believe in Almighty God and be enriched by the true richness of Christ.

I am believing God to flip this man’s storyline through Heaven coming down. I am believing God to restore this hopeless one to His fold of true fellowship.

I am believing this man’s wealth to land in the hands of the righteous when our Lord leads him home.

I know that nothing is too hard or dark or impossible for our God! Nothing! Not even a hard heart or a stronghold of deception. And certainly not leeches who try to take advantage of wealthy people in a weakened state.

God will show us His truth when we cannot see it for ourselves. He will make a way where this is no way. He is not limit to our legalities or our short-sighted vision or even our unbelief when someone stands in faith for us.

This man could have easily died by now. But he is still alive for a reason. There is hope for him. It’s not too late.

I believe his eyes will be opened. I believe he is about to experience a heart shift. I believe he is about to encounter God, as He reveals Himself in a way this man cannot deny. I believe this man will be delivered out of every root of spiritual, emotional, physical and financial poverty in his lineage when God shows up as Love, who came down. I believe every deception of darkness will depart as God reveals Himself to this man as The Grace of Truth.

Is there someone’s soul for whom you’re fighting? I encourage you to keep believing and praying for them. God is showing up profoundly during this harvesttime. He hasn’t forgotten those on your heart. God loves them even more than you do. So, cry out for them and watch what God does.

Remind Him that His Word says He doesn’t want anyone to perish. Remind Him of the dedicated believers in their lineage, who have gone before them, who would also like to see them saved. Speak life over them, repeatedly. And Thank God, as their life source, who will bring Heaven right into their darkness.

Watch as God works it out. The natural details may look and sound messy before the clearing. But rest assured, God is in the midst of the pieces, moving them all toward a good outcome.

If we will trust Him enough to hand it all over to Him, God, as Love, will win every time. He will reign over it all. His mercy will triumph over judgment. He will refresh you with His joy as He reveals to you that He will answer your prayers for them in ways that only He can. He will be glorified! And you will be awestruck by Him!

When God shows up, all will see that nothing can stand against Him. We are living in powerful times. The false powers in our world are no match for Almighty God. Stand with Him and agree with Him wholeheartedly in His truth. And then watch it manifest.

So, pray with me if you will…

Dear Lord,

Open our eyes to see You re-order Your priorities in the hearts of humankind and establish Your increased glory on the earth.

I declare that we will hear reports of victory-salvation and answered prayer. I declare that they will not be too late but will be right on time. I declare that we will be awestruck by our loving God, who shows up and shows off in our favor and for those impoverished souls for whom we pray.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name above all names.


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