Light Source

Most recently, Holy Spirit has been highlighting gray areas to me for the purpose of turning up His light in preparation for new assignments. 

During quiet time, He revealed that there are some who have slowly “withered,” day-by-day, because they have not remained in the level of God’s Glory light required to keep gray areas adrift.

Many have settled into the gray atmosphere of lingering compromise in battle and have stepped out to interact with darkness without God’s protection.

Since God promises “life and deliverance” to those who are faithful to Him to the end, we must stand on The Rock and live out our salvation throughout our course (Matt 10:22). 

God is now advancing us into a new-wine trajectory. Therefore, we must let go of every residue of hindrance as guided by Holy Spirit. 

We can:

1. Repent of self-justified gray areas, such as strife behind closed doors, bad attitudes, unforgiveness or running out ahead of God. (Ask Holy Spirit to reveal hidden areas to us.) 

2. Let go of dead things, like Ruth, and move into the re-establishment of new life (Jn 11:25). (Dead things are whatever God has taken from us and is finished with in our lives.)

3. Believe like Joshua and Caleb to enter into His promises. (Holy Spirit is purifying, pruning and refining us right now. We must decide whether we will stay in the familiar or go forward into the unknown.)

4. Know that Jesus is already where He’s sending us and that the works He promised will prove to be miraculous beyond what we know now.

So, if we want to live in God’s abundant life, we must let go of the low-level fears, insecurities and flesh conflicts that open the door to provoke and devour. We must rise higher and be made whole in God’s Glory Presence. 

Remember that His Glory Presence is a fire that darkness cannot withstand (Jn 1:5). It’s the only safe place for us right now and always (Joel 3:16). We are not to be provoked out from under it. We are not to settle for less than what God has for us forward. 

And we cannot blame God for what we bring on ourselves by our own ignorance, deception and disobedience. 

We must realize that our own rationale works in opposition to God’s wise ways, as He calls us to trust Him in faith and obedience and grow beyond what we know and the troubles we’ve been through. 

Releasing emotional triggers to God for Him to deal with requires trust and self-control and grows us in His peace.

God will bring fruit, not failure, when we exercise our faith in Him. He has great exploits for us on His earth. And if we cannot grow past tests that are small in His eyes, we will not be in position to join Him in greater exploits.

When chaos lingers, going vertical becomes punctuated. So, we must seek and find Him in the midst. He is a mystery to be revealed. And as we pursue God, He offers us His full provision.

Anything less grieves Him. 

Returning to His Glory Presence changes us dramatically from the inside out. It burns off the dross. So, we don’t settle for gray residue when light is our portion, and we can receive a level of brightness that sears all matters of gray.

Are you ready to allow God to burn away impurities from your soul?

If you’ve never experienced His profound, Glory Presence, it’s easy to do. Just get alone with Him in your secret place and worship Him until you can feel His tangible Presence. 

It’s important that you focus entirely on Him, not on yourself or your problems. 

Begin to thank Him for who He is and what He has done. You can express how much you appreciate Him and speak affirmations of His character to Him. You can even call Him by His many Names. You can bow to Him or lay prostrate before Him. You can sing or dance unto Him (Ps 147:7). Just let Holy Spirit lead you. 

You will never be the same. 

Pray with me, if you will . . . 

Dear Lord, 

You are my Source of light and life, and You are worthy to be praised. Thank You for Your Glory Presence that burns away every bit of darkness. 

I trade in my gray areas for Your Glory. I surrender to You what I have been lording over on my own. 

I choose to trust You to be my standard and invite You into every crevice of my soul to fill me and the atmosphere with Your light of love and life.

Overshadow me with Your beautiful Presence, Lord. And help me remain in it with You to be a shining light on the level to which You have called me.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, 


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