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Lately, Holy Spirit has been highlighting the topic of the anointing. In fact, it seems to be a trend right now in Christian media and one I would like to learn even more about. 

A key verse is 1 John 2:27 TPT, which says, “But the wonderful anointing you have received from God is so much greater than their deception and now lives in you. There’s no need for anyone to keep teaching you. His anointing teaches you all that you need to know, for it will lead you into truth, not a counterfeit. So just as the anointing has taught you, remain in him.”

The Word “anointing” here means a “special endowment” or “unction” from Holy Spirit (Strong’s 5545). I especially like how one commentary defines it: The anointing refers “to the teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit, guiding the receptive believer into [the] fullness of God’s preferred-will” (HELPS Word-studies). “This anointing functions through faith [which is] God inwardly persuading the believer of His preferences.”

We know that Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus, that Jesus is Messiah and that Messiah means “Anointed One” (Strong’s 5547). Therefore, anyone who has Jesus Messiah, the Anointed One, as Holy Spirit living on the inside of them carries the anointing. And these dedicated ones can experience His anointing at work through them as they yield to His unction.

Mind you, this was the walk of the early, dedicated disciples and it can and should be ours today. In other words, this is normal Christianity and it’s one way God disciples us. If you have been taught differently, you may want to submit those teachings to God and ask Him for His truth on the matter. 

In this light, I feel led to share a personal testimony from decades ago when I worked as a flight attendant. Like with many experiences we have in life, at the time, I didn’t fully understand it. But I understand more now. 

At the time, I had hit a big birthday marker and had also relocated to a place I felt led to go. I realized I wasn’t as happy as I thought I would be by this time in my life. So, I stood alone in my living room one day and began to pray. As I poured out my heart to God, I intentionally chose to surrender my whole self to Him all over again. And in that moment, something amazing and supernatural happened: An angel entered my room. 

I did not see the angel but I could feel the power of God on him so strongly that I instantly dropped straight to the floor, like a shot buffalo. This fierce presence felt like an extreme warrior, terrifying to the extent that, I didn’t know if I would survive the visitation. 

This angel was sent to give me divine orders. He said to me that God would send me out on airplanes weekly to do what was needed. He said that Holy Spirit would show me which people to minister to and that I was to do whatever He said. He also said that I was to journal what God would do through me and share the stories in a book. He said to title the book 100 Passengers

I don’t know if you have ever had an encounter with an angel like this, but if you do, there’s no room for back-talk, reasoning or any kind of selfish resistance. A fear of God overwhelmed me to the extent that it surpassed any fear of man I had in my heart. And I became afraid to not do what Holy Spirit instructed.

A few days went by. Then my next trip came and off I went, feeling desperate for God to show up and guide me. And wow, did He prove faithful!

Over a two-year period, I walked out His plan weekly.

Over this two-year period, Holy Spirit trained me as I went, just like in 1 John 2:27. No one else can take credit for this kind of discipleship, this great commission or the powerful miracles that happened one-by-one. There was no church building or congregation or cell group. There was no pastor, no friend or Christian co-worker to lean on, except during a handful of times over that two-year period. 

As Holy Spirit sent me out, He made me stronger in my dependence on Him and stronger in knowing Him in new ways firsthand. He grew me in love for others. He grew me in courage and had me do things I would have never done otherwise. I experienced Him show up every single time I obeyed Him and I savored the intimacy I shared with Him. I learned all over again that when God is all I had He was all I needed.

I slept on layovers clutching my Bible. I invested hours journaling and praying on the mornings I had late departures. When He sent me out on those airplanes, even crewmembers would comment on how the atmosphere inside the planes felt exceptionally peaceful, delightful even. And I would smile, knowing it was all God.

Friends, God will do even more for you and me now. He will fill us with His Presence to overflowing and send us out to do miraculous Kingdom work with His help and the help of angels when we submit our whole lives to Him without reticence. 

If this is your firm desire, get alone with God and earnestly pour out your heart to Him. Ask Him to take over your life, to guide you and work through you in whatever ways delight Him. Then, by faith, follow Him however He leads and be awed by Him.

To God be all glory, honor and praise. 


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