A New Path

Very recently, in the late afternoon, I walked up to my kitchen window and an unusual movement caught my eye. It was a large owl struggling to reach for something beneath a thick layer of ground cover. When the owl saw me, it flew up into a tall tree next door. 

I sensed in my spirit that our Lord was using this symbol of nature to reveal something more to me. So, I asked Him what He desired I know. 

He led me to a key scripture, which was Ecclesiastes 7:11. It says, “Wisdom, like an inheritance, is a good thing and benefits those who see the sun” (NIV). 

A few days later, Holy Spirit awakened me early in the morning. As I stood looking out the same window, I saw the light of dawn stream through the trees—beyond where the owl had been—highlighting a new path in the most peaceful, inviting way (Ja 5:11).

With this, our Lord spoke a message to my heart for whosoever:

There is a new path of righteousness opening up for you as you continue to work with Me to bring new order right where you are. The way there is insight and diligence in this order. 

Can you see the light streaming through the edge of the wilderness, showing you the new way to go? Inviting you to join Me there and explore it with Me? 

I AM giving you an entrance onto your new path to righteous fruit. 

Until now, you have seen this in your imagination as I have revealed it to you. But going forward, you will experience more of the outworking of My awesome wonders.

The work I have done in your heart to enable you to see as I see is, in itself, an awesome wonder of light and life. And now, My light in you is drawn to this new path.

It’ll be better than you know now, because I’ll reveal more to you as you join Me. And it’ll happen in ways that once seemed far-reaching and even impossible for so long. 

I have required of you to lay down the limits of value and vision you’ve lived under for a long time that will be no more. To you, they seemed small and unimportant to Me. But I can make small things great in My Kingdom, and I have greatness for you.

As you continue to lay down that which I require of you, I’ll open new doors for much better and much bigger. For I AM continuing to grow you and causing you to build with Me. And I AM also causing that which never should have been to fall away completely. 

What hindered you in the past will not go with you. 

As you have sought My face, I AM giving you a new face, a new countenance of assuredness, a new posture with which to face the new world you are coming increasingly into. Nothing can dis-pose you as you walk with Me.

Just as I have turned darkness to light for you, I have new appointments for you forward. The time is very near for you to enter into new partnerships that will produce righteous fruit. So, continue to lay down all the dis-appointments of your past and step into your re-appointments for My glory. 

Be glad for the benefits I have for you and don’t reject them out of false guilt. You are forgiven and anointed and appointed. You are about to experience, increasingly, My redemption in your everyday life—a new fullness of joy and multiplicity. 

You have come through the preparation by revelation of My truth. And now, it’s time for you to come into the outward elevation, which is your redeemed future.

You will be able to withstand the new light, as you make Me your first Light. I’ll remain with you, so position yourself with Me. Let there be no dis-position. Continue to resist sin all the way to the finish line of your transition and receive My blessings.

Friends, pray with me if you will . . . 

Dear Lord,

Thank You for who You are, for Your redemptive nature to rescue and bless me. Thank You for inviting me onto your new, righteous path. I choose to join You there, full of light and life, Your beauty and peace (Jn 9:5). Thank You for enabling me, by Your generous grace of wisdom, to experience it all with You (Ja 1:5 TPT).

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, 


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