Flames of Fire

Thrift store goblet

Two days ago, I was perusing through a local Habitat for Humanity store, searching for vintage glassware. I came upon a set of unusual crystal goblets that had what looked to be flames of fire etched deeply into them. I felt like Holy Spirit highlighted them to me and so I bought them. When I brought them home, my husband looked at them and without hesitation said, “Flames of fire.”

Then yesterday, as we watched an Elijah List interview with Eric Trump, The Spirit of The Lord revealed this Word to me:

There is a consuming fire coming that will burn up falsehood to set people free from limitations and establish greater truth in the land. God will make Himself more clearly and beautifully known as Supreme Ruler, Deliverer and Extraordinary Lover of His people.

The Great I Am will reveal Himself intimately and over an expanse. When He does, that which is not of Him will burn up, as in disintegrate to have no more hold on people whose hearts seek Him. God’s fire will not solely burn off their limitations. It will also empower them with favor beyond what they previously knew.

This power of God will sweep through churches. Like wild fire, it will drop into houses of God here and there.

God will deliver and ignite the very ones who have sat under false teachings to become people on fire for Him. Where their faith in the whole Bible has waned from years of hearing lies to the extent that it has caused them to deny God’s Biblical truth, even as they have read it for themselves, those lies will be burned away, like the tares that they are. God will open the eyes of His people, and they shall experience Him in such profound, personal ways that His truth and power will no longer be denied.

There will be so many with undeniable testimonies that a bureaucratic, denominational church will be especially impacted to change: Those who have disregarded portions of scripture out of fear and for their own comfort. Those who have long said this or that part is not for us today. Those who have skipped over parts of God’s Word that are clearly written before their eyes. These will be awakened to His sword of truth like never before. God will make it powerfully undeniable and crystal clear in the most beautiful way.

One of these ways will be to reveal Himself as Miracle Worker right before their eyes. There will be an increase of miracles that will be otherwise impossible. There will be people coming out of wheelchairs, who have been bound to them for decades. One after the other, like dominos, people will be cured of the incurable, as God releases His power upon them.

It will also happen within families, villages and towns. And, yes, even nationwide, especially nationwide. It will feel rapid, sudden and unusual, as God’s wind-powered fire touches His people in unexpected places and at unexpected times.

“Hope will resound in the land again,” says the Lord of hosts.

Many will become God’s igniters of His fire. Like the woman at the well, they will become living epistles beyond what they have ever known. They will be so full of rejoice  that they will infiltrate places and ignite others.

So, prepare to be awed. God’s sudden fire is here.

Lord, let Your fire fall!

Holy Spirit revealed this Word directly to me on August 20, 2022. It was originally published August 21, 2022 on my Facebook profile. This Word was confirmed by two witnesses.

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