Poverty vs. Enrichment

Recently, a dear friend shared something with me that was heavy on their heart. It involved a man, who is a beloved family member and doesn’t know our Lord. This man was facing the end of his life and chaos surrounded him. This man is also very wealthy.

For days, I prayed for the ailing man, but I didn’t sense anything from our Lord. I knew God doesn’t want anyone to perish, and my soul needed peace. Then, one day, Holy Spirit highlighted a scripture to me, letting me know He had heard my prayers.

The scripture was Jeremiah 33:3 and the part Holy Spirit highlighted was “I will answer you.”

This entire verse in the Amplified Version says, “Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.”

In the past, I have seen this scripture as God revealing His mysteries to those who seek Him, especially His wisdom. But now, in this new season, I have come to see it as God showing up in impossible situations and showing off, revealing Himself to those who seek Him in new ways to them that will restore their hearts from their deepest cries to manifest expressions of His love, leaving them in awestruck wonder.

In short, I am believing for this spiritually, emotionally and physically poor man to be restored in such a way that he will come to believe in Almighty God and be enriched by the true richness of Christ.

I am believing God to flip this man’s storyline through Heaven coming down. I am believing God to restore this hopeless one to His fold of true fellowship.

I am believing this man’s wealth to land in the hands of the righteous when our Lord leads him home.

I know that nothing is too hard or dark or impossible for our God! Nothing! Not even a hard heart or a stronghold of deception. And certainly not leeches who try to take advantage of wealthy people in a weakened state.

God will show us His truth when we cannot see it for ourselves. He will make a way where this is no way. He is not limit to our legalities or our short-sighted vision or even our unbelief when someone stands in faith for us.

This man could have easily died by now. But he is still alive for a reason. There is hope for him. It’s not too late.

I believe his eyes will be opened. I believe he is about to experience a heart shift. I believe he is about to encounter God, as He reveals Himself in a way this man cannot deny. I believe this man will be delivered out of every root of spiritual, emotional, physical and financial poverty in his lineage when God shows up as Love, who came down. I believe every deception of darkness will depart as God reveals Himself to this man as The Grace of Truth.

Is there someone’s soul for whom you’re fighting? I encourage you to keep believing and praying for them. God is showing up profoundly during this harvesttime. He hasn’t forgotten those on your heart. God loves them even more than you do. So, cry out for them and watch what God does.

Remind Him that His Word says He doesn’t want anyone to perish. Remind Him of the dedicated believers in their lineage, who have gone before them, who would also like to see them saved. Speak life over them, repeatedly. And Thank God, as their life source, who will bring Heaven right into their darkness.

Watch as God works it out. The natural details may look and sound messy before the clearing. But rest assured, God is in the midst of the pieces, moving them all toward a good outcome.

If we will trust Him enough to hand it all over to Him, God, as Love, will win every time. He will reign over it all. His mercy will triumph over judgment. He will refresh you with His joy as He reveals to you that He will answer your prayers for them in ways that only He can. He will be glorified! And you will be awestruck by Him!

When God shows up, all will see that nothing can stand against Him. We are living in powerful times. The false powers in our world are no match for Almighty God. Stand with Him and agree with Him wholeheartedly in His truth. And then watch it manifest.

So, pray with me if you will…

Dear Lord,

Open our eyes to see You re-order Your priorities in the hearts of humankind and establish Your increased glory on the earth.

I declare that we will hear reports of victory-salvation and answered prayer. I declare that they will not be too late but will be right on time. I declare that we will be awestruck by our loving God, who shows up and shows off in our favor and for those impoverished souls for whom we pray.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name above all names.


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Safety In Truth

There is divine protection in living in God’s truth (He 13:6).

Here’s what God’s Word reveals:

Psalm 91:4 NKJV says, “…His truth shall be your shield and buckler.”

Proverbs 7:2 TPT says, “…Guard your life with my revelation-truth, for my teaching is as precious as your eyesight.”

And Proverbs 4:26 TPT says, “…Stick to the path of truth, and the road will be safe and smooth before you.”

So, we see here that God’s truth is our shield and that we can guard our vision and our very lives with it as we walk on its safe path.

We can believe that, no matter what our challenges, we can pass tests of truth with God’s help, because His nature is “…abounding in goodness and truth” (Ex 34:6 NKJV).

Psalm 112:5 TPT tells us that “Life is good for the one who is…conducting affairs with honesty and truth.”

But according to Romans 11:7-8, those with hardened hearts are unable to receive God’s truth and live frustrated lives.

So, what is in our hearts? What are we believing? What do we stand upon?

Luke 8:15 TPT reminds us in The Parable of the Sower that “The seed that fell into good, fertile soil represents those lovers of truth who hear it deep within their hearts. They respond by clinging to the word, keeping it dear as they endure all things in faith. This is the seed that will one day bear much fruit in their lives.”

King David was mindful that truth itself is an enduring characteristic of God. He understood that the holiness of truth would enable him to endure all that came against him, because the wicked “have no part with those who walk in truth” (Ps 1:5 TPT).

In the face of fear and lies, we can have the same resolve as we continue to trust God at His Word and align our character with His.

In Psalm 52, we seen an example of King David’s enduring faith in God’s truth, right in the face of betrayal. He said:

You call yourself a mighty man, a big shot? Why do you boast in the evil you have done? Yet God’s loyal love will protect me and carry the day! Listen, O deceiver, trickster of others: Your words are wicked, harming and hurting all who hear them. You love evil and hate what is good and right. You would rather lie than tell the truth. You love to distort, devour, and deceive, using your sly tongue to spin the truth. But the Almighty will strike you down forever! He will pull you up by your roots and drag you away to the darkness of death. The godly will see all this and will be awestruck. Then they will laugh at the wicked, saying, “See what happens to those great in their own eyes who don’t trust in the Most High to save them! Look how they trusted only in their wealth and made their living from wickedness.” But I am like a flourishing olive tree, anointed in the house of God. I trust in the unending love of God; his passion toward me is forever and ever. Because it is finished, I will praise you forever and give you thanks. Before all your godly lovers I will proclaim your beautiful name!

King David understood that good leadership is built on truth and that God rewards it (Pr 20:28, 14:14).

Pray with me if you will…

Dear Lord,

Make me a light of truth, according to Ephesians 5:9 TPT. “Pour into me the brightness of your daybreak! Pour into me your rays of revelation-truth! Let them comfort and gently lead me onto the shining path, showing the way into your burning presence, into your many sanctuaries of holiness” (Ps 43:3 TPT). Help me to present Your truth-in-love (Gospel) to others for the sake of Your Kingdom (2 Co 4:2 TPT, Ti 3:8 TPT). “…Keep me in your truth and let your compassion overflow to me no matter what I face” (Ps 40:11 TPT). Help me to “Hold on to loyal love and” not “let go, and be faithful to all that” I have “been taught. Let my “life be shaped by integrity, with truth written upon” my heart (Pr 3:3 TPT). “I will live enthroned with you forever! Guard me, God, with your unending, unfailing love. Let me live my days walking in grace and truth before you” (Ps 61:7 TPT).

In Jesus’ Mighty Name.


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Healing Fire

A few weeks ago, our Lord revealed a Word to me about His fire coming to touch people across the USA. He revealed that so many would be healed and delivered in churches, in families and in unexpected places that it would be undeniable by unbelievers—both the churched and unchurched.

We know that God heals daily and in more ways than one. Holy Spirit revealed that this would happen right in front of people’s eyes to the point that it would prove pivotal for an entire denomination that doesn’t typically practice healing today.

Our Lord revealed that people who have used wheelchairs for decades would walk again. And even as I wrote this devotion, He revealed to me that He will even touch those with down syndrome.

Shortly after revealing this Word, Holy Spirit directed me to Acts 3, especially verse 16 (TPT), which says, “Faith in Jesus’ name has healed this man standing before you. It is the faith that comes through believing in Jesus’ name that has made the crippled man walk right in front of your eyes!”

This key verse offers us insight:

First, the name of Jesus reveals His identity, which includes Yahweh-Rapha, The Lord Who Heals. The man believed that the name of Jesus contained all that he needed to be made whole. So, the man stood in faith in his heart for all of who Jesus was before he stood physically. He came to know, even more, the glorified Jesus, who restores all things (Ac 3:21).

Secondly, this restoration happened right before people’s eyes—the very ones who denied and killed Christ (Ac 3:13-15). Oh, what an undeniable witness and wake-up call this was for these onlookers.

Interestingly, too, is that the vessel from whom the restoration flowed was Peter, the one who received restoration from Jesus directly after denying Him three times (Mt 26:69-75, Jn 21:15-19). Peter had been empowered by Holy Spirit in the Upper Room and was especially compassionate to reach those who denied Christ because of what he himself had walked through.

So, Peter boldly professed the gospel to this crowd, urging them to repent so their sins would also be removed and that “times of refreshing” would “stream from the Lord’s presence” (Ac 3:19).

Our Lord set it all up perfectly purposed so that the man who received his healing was moved to the Beautiful Gate to showcase Jesus. In so doing, God set the stage for those who denied Him to receive their wholeness before the man received his (Ac 3:2). God used the man to reach others alongside Peter and John. The man received his miraculous healing and instantly became a voice of evangelism through worshipping God (Ac 3:9-10).

We can see that every step of this process was divinely strategic. When we consider that God makes everything beautiful in His time, according to Ecclesiastes 3:11, we can clearly see that our Lord perfectly timed the repositioning of this man around the 3 o’clock temple sacrifice, when there would be a crowd and when Peter and John were about to enter the temple.

Acts 3:2 TPT says, “As they came to the entrance called the Beautiful Gate, they were captured by the sight of a man crippled from birth being carried and placed at the entrance to the temple. He was often brought there to beg for money from those going in to worship.”

The Word “Beautiful” in this verse means timely and seasonable (Strong’s #5611). It means “an hour, the time of fulfillment” and “fully developed” (HELPS Word-studies). It means “beautiful in timing, hence fruitful.”

It was God’s time for this man to flourish and bloom as a witness to others, who also needed redemption from Jesus.

Peter and John saw with spiritual eyes what Holy Spirit highlighted to them. It was a captivating appointment, where the power of grace (represented by Peter) and the power of love (represented by John) met faith (in the man) that stood the test of time.

This whole scene is an expression of who Jesus is and the finished work He did for us at the cross. Acts 3:20-21 TPT says He is “the chosen one for you.” He is The One who “must remain in heaven until the restoration of all things has taken place, fulfilling everything that God said long ago through his holy prophets.” The Word “restoration” here specifically means the “restoration of perfect health,” (Ac 3:21TPT study note).

I believe we are at the forefront of a time of flourishing in divine health. I believe we will see stories like this one in Acts 3 happen on a multiplied scale. I believe it will spread, like the wind-powered fire it is, across the USA.

So, Lord, let Your fire fall for Your glory. Help us to go out in Your power to heal this nation (Mt 10:1, 7-8). In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

You can read the Word Holy Spirit revealed to me here.

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Flames of Fire

Thrift store goblet

Two days ago, I was perusing through a local Habitat for Humanity store, searching for vintage glassware. I came upon a set of unusual crystal goblets that had what looked to be flames of fire etched deeply into them. I felt like Holy Spirit highlighted them to me and so I bought them. When I brought them home, my husband looked at them and without hesitation said, “Flames of fire.”

Then yesterday, as we watched an Elijah List interview with Eric Trump, The Spirit of The Lord revealed this Word to me:

There is a consuming fire coming that will burn up falsehood to set people free from limitations and establish greater truth in the land. God will make Himself more clearly and beautifully known as Supreme Ruler, Deliverer and Extraordinary Lover of His people.

The Great I Am will reveal Himself intimately and over an expanse. When He does, that which is not of Him will burn up, as in disintegrate to have no more hold on people whose hearts seek Him. God’s fire will not solely burn off their limitations. It will also empower them with favor beyond what they previously knew.

This power of God will sweep through churches. Like wild fire, it will drop into houses of God here and there.

God will deliver and ignite the very ones who have sat under false teachings to become people on fire for Him. Where their faith in the whole Bible has waned from years of hearing lies to the extent that it has caused them to deny God’s Biblical truth, even as they have read it for themselves, those lies will be burned away, like the tares that they are. God will open the eyes of His people, and they shall experience Him in such profound, personal ways that His truth and power will no longer be denied.

There will be so many with undeniable testimonies that a bureaucratic, denominational church will be especially impacted to change: Those who have disregarded portions of scripture out of fear and for their own comfort. Those who have long said this or that part is not for us today. Those who have skipped over parts of God’s Word that are clearly written before their eyes. These will be awakened to His sword of truth like never before. God will make it powerfully undeniable and crystal clear in the most beautiful way.

One of these ways will be to reveal Himself as Miracle Worker right before their eyes. There will be an increase of miracles that will be otherwise impossible. There will be people coming out of wheelchairs, who have been bound to them for decades. One after the other, like dominos, people will be cured of the incurable, as God releases His power upon them.

It will also happen within families, villages and towns. And, yes, even nationwide, especially nationwide. It will feel rapid, sudden and unusual, as God’s wind-powered fire touches His people in unexpected places and at unexpected times.

“Hope will resound in the land again,” says the Lord of hosts.

Many will become God’s igniters of His fire. Like the woman at the well, they will become living epistles beyond what they have ever known. They will be so full of rejoice  that they will infiltrate places and ignite others.

So, prepare to be awed. God’s sudden fire is here.

Lord, let Your fire fall!

Holy Spirit revealed this Word directly to me on August 20, 2022. It was originally published August 21, 2022 on my Facebook profile. This Word was confirmed by two witnesses.

Obey Away!

May I share a personal testimony with you?

Nearly twenty years ago, I experienced a visitation from an angel, whose fierce presence was powerful beyond what I can adequately describe. I knew in my spirit, as he stood inches before me, that he was a high-ranking warrior and that he had come to reveal something life-giving.

I felt indescribably overwhelmed. And I was glad I was sitting in my prayer room at the time. Had I been standing, I would have surely fallen from shock and fear (Jdg 13:6, 9, 18, 20-21; Lk 1:12, 2:9).

I vividly remember my heart racing as I sat still, frozen really, and listened to this messenger. It was a Psalm 46:10 moment, and he had my full attention. This encounter helped me better understand why Moses wasn’t allowed to see God’s face at Sinai (Ex 33:23).

The message the angel came to reveal included four keys of strategy and a warning to help me navigate what God was bringing me through in the deep, behind closed doors.

The angel delivered the 4 keys and then said to me, “This is the only way you’ll get through this.”

God’s message resounded in my soul to the point that I knew I had to make choices of life over death by adhering to God’s ways. I knew that God revealed this strategy to me in a way that I could never deny. It was as important in my life at that time as it is right now.

Very recently, our Lord brought one of those important keys to remembrance, reminding me to adhere to it regarding my path of promise.

The key is “careful obedience.”

In God’s mercy to meet us right where we are, when the enemy attacks, when it doesn’t go the way we thought it would, it’s time to trust God as He trusts us to move forward with Him in His redeemed way.

That’s what Caleb did—the wholehearted one. The one who had a different spirit than his mainstream community. The one who was called out by God to fight battle after battle in Joshua’s army. The one who did it victoriously, knowing God better in it, having been made stronger through it and coming out on top. Caleb was established in the outward fruit of victory-salvation.

Caleb’s story teaches us that all is not lost when those around us disagree with what we know to be God’s will. As with Caleb, God helps us work out our salvation with fear and trembling, in reverence to Him above any fear of man.

One of the pseudo obstacles that presented itself to me recently was an unwilling spirit from others to move forward with an opportunity. But, like Caleb, I decided to turn to God, believing He will reveal His redemptive next steps to me. And so, I trust Him.

I have come to realize, even more, that Caleb’s story involves redemptive grace in action. I am excited to see how God works it out, as I do my best to carefully obey Him.

I share this testimony to put to rest any apprehensions or disappointments you may have experienced in your own destiny-journey. To encourage you about opportunities God has for you. Opportunities that the enemy would have you think you may have missed. Always remember that God is not without redemption when your heart is submitted to Him (Kairos – Strong’s #2540).

So, you will not be turned away when the community around you does not obey God. Instead, God will see your willing heart and make another way for you, even if He has to call you out from among them and set you on a new path, like Caleb.

We can receive our instructions and go forth, knowing God and His fierce angels are with us in battle. Therefore, may our fear of God be greater than any fear of man, including the unwilling behind us and the resistant before us.

This is what God’s command of “Obey Away!” means—to fully and firmly commit to His process of the establishment of His purposes and promises, above and beyond falsehoods that will fall away in His Presence. Keep going, no matter what.

So, let’s put our confidence in God as we remember and walk out His faithful truth in Deuteronomy 30:15-16 ESV, which says, “See, I have set before you today life and good, death and evil. If you obey the commandments of the LORD your God that I command you today, by loving the LORD your God, by walking in his ways, and by keeping his commandments and his statutes and his rules, then you shall live and multiply, and the LORD your God will bless you in the land that you are entering to take possession of it.”

Thank You, Lord, for helping us choose life. To You be all glory, honor and praise. Amen.

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