Last Distance

When our Lord showed me this devotion’s title in a Word-vision two-and-a-half weeks ago, He also showed me the Word-vision “Sphere.” In researching their definitions and praying about the interpretation, here is the message I believe He is revealing:

There is a separation happening now, in which some elements are unexpected. Do not fear because it is of Me, says the Lord of Hosts. Where it seems like it may be man’s idea, it’s not. They are simply following what I have put in their heart, as I work masterfully to bring you into the new.

In this process the distance you are experiencing may seem linear, but it’s actually spherical. Am I not the Source of life? Did I not design the life cycle? I AM in the midst and will bring you into My promises as you walk with Me by faith. And as you do, I will give you signs to encourage you.

Also know that My redemption turns what may look like scattering into expansion. So, trust Me, says the Lord of Hosts, when you feel like you cannot control all the elements of what I AM doing. You will see my higher plan unfold, as you continue to walk with Me through this sequence. I AM ordering your steps.

Just as in the Book of Acts, chapter 8, where you see My people scatter due to persecution, I turned it for good—to spread the truth and love of My Gospel. For, where there has been and is persecution, My truth is persuasive and will prevail (Ac 8:4-6). Therefore, expect my grace to show up powerfully on your behalf.

In early church times and now, where dedicated homes—even house churches—have been invaded by an anti-Christ spirit to silence, intimidate and even lock up My Spirit through My dedicated ones, My Spirit shall prevail even more to fill those spaces anew; and My people shall live in peace and blessing and power again (Ac 8:3).

Did I not say in Haggai 2:9 AMPC that “The latter glory of this house…shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of hosts; and in this place will I give peace and prosperity…”

When I show up, it all gets restored and even better than before. I come with increase! I come with abundance! You will witness expressions of My Spirit that you have not yet seen. This time around, it will be much better. And it won’t stop at the front door!

As You go, I will go with you. As I send you to re-unite with some you used to know, and used to be close to, know that My redemption is in it this time.

Your story won’t fit into anyone else’s box, especially religious leaders. But it is of Me, says The Lord of Hosts. I AM pouring out My Spirit through you; and you will see signs, wonders and miracles for which you have waited.

Did I not heal the lame and paralyzed through others who were not my twelve (Ac 8:7-8)? Did I not fill a city with uncontainable joy? I AM coming again to express Myself in these ways exponentially. My multiplicity will be like wild fire, says The Lord of Hosts.

So, keep your gaze on Me. Hold on tightly to Me when it doesn’t make sense and when you begin to feel unsure in the separation and transition. When it looks like you are losing what’s most important, reach for Me, says The Lord of Hosts. I AM with you and I AM for you. I will not forsake you.

I will restore to you what is even more valuable to your heart. For you are My treasure, says The Lord of Hosts. And as you continue to make Me your Treasure, you will surely see the fullness of My promise come to pass. I AM positioning your heart on a new path to delight in Me with the fullness of My joy.

And as I do, I will not forget those I had you leave in My care. I have a crown of life for them, too, as they continue on their paths and finish their races well. This is a last stretch for some relationships, but do not sorrow for My distance is spherical. I AM from everlasting to everlasting, the Alpha and Omega—the beginning and the end (Ps 90:2; Rev 1:9, 21:6, 22:13).

So, rest in Me, says the Lord of Hosts (Ex 13:14). Be in peace in Me. Hope in Me. I have you, and you will not fail as you ascend with Me. I will make all things new for you and you will rejoice, as I release more of My fountain of life into your life.

Declaration & Prayer

So, Lord,

We trust You at Your Word to us, and we thank You for Your provision. We declare Your truth over our lives in Haggai 2:9 AMPC, which is that “The latter glory of this house…shall be greater than the former,” and that “in this place” You will “give peace and prosperity.”

We invite You, Lord, to fill our houses, and every place and union to which You send us, with Your Spirit.

In Your Precious Son’s Name, Jesus.


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