Justice: Legend & Legacy – Part 1

One of the great blessings God gives us is justice. It is a covenant benefit, provided by Jesus’ sacrifice. When we receive He, who is our Justice, we receive it. In daily life here on earth, we will see divine justice come into place when we do things God’s way, not ours.

Just like with other virtues, such as faith, wisdom and grace, we can sow seeds of justice and grow in justice. So, if we desire to experience a God-level justice in our lives, we need to have a heart for Him and follow through in His ways. 

In this way, it’s possible, with God, to build a strong foundation of justice in our lives, as justice and righteousness are pillars of God’s throne (Ps 89:14). This said, it isn’t about rules. It’s about what’s right in God’s eyes.

The Word for justice in Hebrew (chakam) can mean wise or wise-hearted, intelligent, skillful or artful (Strong’s#2450). So, we see here that there is wisdom in justice and acting justly and that doing so releases fresh beauty.

Conversely, to act unjustly (foolishly) brings punishment (Pr 11:21, 19:9).

Therefore, when we experience an injustice, it’s important to ask our Lord, “What would You have me see and know in this?” It is possible God is using injustice to get our attention to repent of something we’re unaware of. It’s possible He is extending an invitation to us to come up higher and know Him and His ways better.

In this way, justice can be mapped out, so we can see our pathway more clearly. God will reveal His legend to us for the asking so we can walk out His best legacy—one He offers us as an inheritance (Ps 37:23). 

Divine justice is an expression of God’s goodness. It isn’t about what we deserve. It’s about His love for us and His spiritual laws at work on our behalves. 

This is why we sometimes see others getting blessed when we know about something unjust they have done. Their time of pressing may not have come yet. But their own actions will confront them in God’s way and time. 

Our Heavenly Father is faithful, no matter what we or others do. 

Just a couple of weeks ago, I did a small personal business transaction with a woman who proved to be unscrupulous in attitude and process. Earlier that same day, Holy Spirit revealed to me how to handle the situation by instructing me to not get bound up in the enemy’s snare through this woman. 

But when it all came down, I felt I had to stand for truth and warn others. Only this was not what God desired I do. My way seemed right. But God’s way was higher and involved not even engaging in the battle at all. In other words, I was to let it go and trust God to deal with it for me. 

This is not to suggest that we shouldn’t speak up as led by Holy Spirit. But there are times, like this, when we should pray, not engage in the provoke, and hand it over to God to fight it entirely.

God knows when the enemy tries to use people to provoke us into battles. These battles have consequences, because they are not initiated by our Lord. Any battle God does not send us into with a battle strategy is not from Him. It’s a provoke from the evil one designed to catch us up and away from all things Godly.

These are enemy attacks purposed to adversely affect our joy and momentum. They are designed to bind and destroy God’s abundance and fulfilled promises in our lives, especially when the time of manifestation is very near. It’s one of the devil’s finish-line strategies. 

However, even when we don’t get it completely right, God doesn’t leave us or forsake us. His mercies are new each day and they trump judgment. Therefore, God will use this type of test to grow us toward greater freedom on new levels and areas. He will invite us to lay down our limited views of His righteousness and justice and receive His true perspective and actions for the situation. 

Thankfully, God offers us an escape when we get ourselves into a bind. He’s that good to us.

Interestingly, shortly after this situation took place, I was at a local thrift store and saw three wood gavels laying on a shelf. Each one was a different size: small, medium and large. I smiled, because I knew God was showing me a pictorial of how He was working by growing me in His truth and justice and reminding me that He will take care of my situation.

So, how have you experienced God growing you in justice? Are you seeing and acting in His ways?

God has big, manifest blessings for us to grow into, even blessings of recompense. We don’t want to miss them by standing in our own way. We can choose to trust Him by faith and do the right and just thing.

So, pray with me, if you will…

Dear Lord, 

Thank You for helping us to stay on the path that You have commanded us to follow. So that we will live long and prosperous lives in the land we are about to enter and occupy (De 5:33).

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, 


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Solid Foundation – Part 2

Ten days ago, The Lord highlighted the restoration of ruined cities to me (Is 61:4).

Three times. 

He then led me to Psalm 118:14-15 AMPC, which says, “The Lord is my Strength and Song; and He has become my Salvation. The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tents and private dwellings of the [uncompromisingly] righteous: the right hand of the Lord does valiantly and achieves strength!”

Psalm 118:15 TPT says, “…My loud shouts of victory will echo throughout the land. For Yahweh’s right hand conquers valiantly!”

Holy Spirit also reminded me of Isaiah 9:6-7 TPT, which says…

The responsibility of complete dominion will rest on his shoulders, and his name will be: The Wonderful One! The Extraordinary Strategist! The Mighty God…Great and vast is his dominion. He will bring immeasurable peace and prosperity. He will rule on David’s throne and over David’s kingdom to establish and uphold it by promoting justice and righteousness from this time forward and forevermore.

Friends, God is a finisher.

Even when circumstances look scattered, chaotic and impossible, God is sovereign and is still working to give ravaged places and even personal projects new life and bring them to a good, highly-purposed completion. 

He is never without a victory-strategy to bring greater restoration, making things better than before.

Even if we need an overhaul, it just means that our God is patient and will draw us nearer to make us more solid in Him. 

More solid like Him, the Foundation who laid His life down for us to live as “immoveable,” which means “will not budge.” And “stable,” which means unchangeable. And “steadfast,” which means “standing fast without buckling or giving way” (HELPS Word-studies).

“Mighty God” in Isaiah 9:7 means “the God of battle” and “Champion God” (TPT Bible study notes).

He will fight for us and never lose!

When God is in something, we can always trust Him to ultimately prove it to be victorious as we obey Him.

We must keep our faith in Him always, as He is seated in what He establishes and has a commitment to see us through.

What exactly is God igniting in you in this hour?

What is He leading you into?

How are you seeing Him touch your efforts?

What wonderful thing is The Wonderful One birthing through you for His Kingdom?

Verse 7 continues on, saying that God rules on the throne and over the kingdom “to establish and uphold it by promoting justice and righteousness.”

To “establish” here means to be set up, fixed, fitted, firm, made secure and enduring as we determine, with God, to be faithful.

As we rule and reign with Him, He sustains us, comforts us, refreshes us, strengthens us and stays our hearts with determination, truthfulness, right discretion and vindication that doesn’t quit. 

This is the God we serve. 

Never give up on His appointed times for justice.

They are solid ground that we can trust. 

God will not forget. 

Psalm 89:14 TPT assures us by saying, “Your glorious throne rests on a foundation of righteousness and just verdicts. Grace and truth are the attendants who go before you.”

Have you ever had an encounter with The Lord, where He reveals an important event up ahead for you that you know would be impossible without His intervention? Then He, not only confirms the event through two or three witnesses, but He consistently encourages you over time by revealing more and more bits until the event occurs?

By leading us in this “treasure hunt” style, God not only refreshes our hope, He awakens us more and more until the fullness of time for the event, where we fully mature to receive. 

We come to realize that The Lord had to go before us to set it up well in advance, because so many elements have to come into place over time in, not only our lives, but others.

All along, He leads us along a solid foundation of righteous character and conduct, further into vindication, as He sees it—justifiable.

This is a journey where we can trust Him implicitly as He leads us into His plan for righting wrongs.


The Lord gave me a Word of wisdom in this regard, which is…

When we get honest and grow to a place of knowing better and fully forgiving, we receive better than what would have been.

This is a divine re-set as in Isaiah 22:20-23 by His grace and truth.

This is what is meant as surpassing victory, and it begins by believing the victorious work of the cross, our secure place.

Romans 8:37 AMPC tells us, “Yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him Who loved us.”

Surpassing means “a large amount or high degree; exceeding, excelling, or extraordinary” (Dictionary.com). 

“Surpassing victory” means to “prevail mightily (Strong’s #5245) and to be “beyond conquer,” to the extent that we are “completely and overwhelmingly victorious” (HELPS Word-Studies).

I believe God, in His rich mercy and amazing grace, will do for the people and cities that turn to Him and prove to be uncompromising.

Revelation 3:21 AMPC assures us that “He who overcomes (is victorious), I will grant him to sit beside Me on My throne, as I Myself overcame (was victorious) and sat down beside My Father on His throne.”

“…Thanks be to God, Who in Christ always leads us in triumph [as trophies of Christ’s victory] and through us spreads and makes evident the fragrance of the knowledge of God everywhere,  For we are the sweet fragrance of Christ [which exhales] unto God…” (2 Co 2:14-15 AMPC).

To Him be the glory. 

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