Perpetual Jubilee

Jubilee is a new beginning celebration when liberty is proclaimed, debts are cancelled, land is restored to rightful ownership and those existing in bondage can lawfully return home (Le 25:10).

It’s a holy, consecrated, dedicated and appointed time and cycle of vindication that’s acknowledged by many Christians worldwide. 

The Word “Jubilee” literally means a ram’s horn. In Holy Scripture, a horn can symbolize Christ, salvation and strength. This horn is used as a trumpet (a wind instrument) and is typically blown on the Day of Atonement to announce a year of Jubilee throughout the land, according to Leviticus 25:9.

On the Hebrew calendar, Jubilee occurs every 50 years. This command of restoration was set forth in Leviticus 25 by God to Moses on the high place of Mt. Sinai. It was purposed to establish a pattern of conduct for God’s people that would help them live in the fullness of His promises.

Depending on which calendar one subscribes to, if you search out the next, upcoming Jubilee, you’ll find that some believe it to be six months after the Day of Atonement 2023, which is March 2024. Others, such as the Roman Catholic Church, have scheduled their Jubilee for 2025 (Gregorian calendar).

Holy Spirit is highlighting this right now, because many are entering into His promises during this calendar year of Jubilee. 

With all this said, as believers, we can see that Jubilee is an expression of the blessings of Abraham received through salvation in Messiah Jesus, who is our living, Perpetual Jubilee and that the trumpet blow is a call to access and action.

Nearly 20 years ago, Holy Spirit revealed to me that there would be major, life-changing shifts in 2024 and 2025. I believe He has been preparing us for these shifts and that, as we seek Him, He’ll reveal them to us as necessary. In an effort to set Godly expectations in our hearts that align with His will for these times. 

In this light, a couple of weeks ago, Holy Spirit alerted me about an important element of promises fulfilled for His people:

While studying the Books of Daniel and Hosea, He highlighted the judgment on those who became wise in their own eyes and lived idolatrous lifestyles. In particular, He highlighted Nebuchadnezzar, who erected a golden image and lost his mind, and the people of the northern kingdom, in the Book of Hosea, who declined rapidly for refusing to repent during their golden era. 

Holy Spirit then highlighted the defining scripture of Romans 1:22 TPT, which says that “Although claiming to be wise, they were in fact shallow fools.” The TPT study note for this verse says that, in the Aramaic language, the Word “fools” means insane. 

In other words, those who are full of themselves, those who are wise in their own eyes, those who go their own way and dishonor God by not submitting their minds to Him can end up confused and even insane.

Holy Spirit reminded me that forgetting or rejecting our first Love is spiritual adultery that can reap consequences of defilement, dethronement and death. He reminded me that it’s not about any golden image or golden era. It’s about the gold inside of us, which is Him. And that we would be truly wise to remember this.

This warning involves a spiritual principle of reciprocity, where we end up with what we choose. In these Biblical cases, this would be dishonor for living a less than holy life. God’s truth is that anything we put above Him, including our own ways, is idolatry. And believers, especially, don’t get a pass on this. 

Therefore, we must remember His warning as we progress further into His promises, especially the big, golden ones right before us. This is a time to make God’s thoughts our thoughts and His precepts our lifestyle, as He is always inviting us to a higher place. 

So, right now, it’s important to turn to Jesus and make Him our Perpetual Jubilee deep in our souls, so that we can honor and glorify Him in the earth and experience the blessings of Abraham that are bigger in front of us than anything behind. 

This is a wake-up call to not miss His best in this season. It’s a call to prayer and to speak truth to others so they, too, may enter into the blessings of our Lord. And it’s a reminder to continue to abide in Him as we enjoy much more fruit of His promises.

So, Lord, search my heart and “See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting” (Ps 139:24). Help me to walk in Your pure gold that is You in me.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, 


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True Value: Our Intrinsic Worth

Psalm 139:17-18 TPT assure us, “Every single moment you are thinking of me! How precious and wonderful to consider that you cherish me constantly in your every thought! O God, your desires toward me are more than the grains of sand on every shore! When I awake each morning, you’re still with me.”

Friends, value is intrinsic to God.

Our truest value is God in us and God with us.

The origin of value is worth.

He is worthy.

His inherent worth, which is fixed, inseparable and innate, is sealed in our spirit, where His legal approval, substantiation and confirmation flow congruently.

1 Peter 2:7 TPT tells us, “As believers you know his great worth—indeed, his preciousness is imparted to you…”

But do we know this truth deep in our soul? In our mind, will and emotions? Do we know that Jesus is our validator, our strength, that He is our Treasure, and that we are His (1 Pe. 2:9).

Do we know that He is the Pearl of Great Price? Gold?

Do we know in our soul that, of everything God willed into creation, He values us most?

We were bought by Jesus’ priceless blood, which is worthy beyond measure.

He pursues us with His relentless love.

To reconcile us to His greatest intimacy.

He is a father to the fatherless, a husband to the husbandless.

He is our Creator.

And we are His handiwork.

He loved us while we were still wayward sinners and brought us into His Kingdom full of rich promises by His amazing grace.

A royal inheritance.

Of security and provision.

For us–His beloved sons and daughters.

The sum total of His precious thoughts of us are vast (Ps. 139:17).

He is our gateway to righteousness.

He gives us His understanding and priceless wisdom to triumph over fear and foolishness.

Praising Him is a strategy He gave us to triumph over wickedness that tries to defeat and destroy us, to steal our anointing, to diminish our hope.

God anoints our mind (Matt. 26:6-7) and our walk (Jn. 12:3). He provides Himself as our Anchor of hope–beyond ourselves and beyond others. He, as a trustworthy hope, who cannot be snuffed out.

God puts His own everlasting faith inside of us, so we cannot lose when we cling to it (1 Pe. 1:7). Faith—the great and consistent equalizer of value, honor, and respect—the confidence of our hope for God to produce His promise.

He helps our unbelief, to know Him as strong when we are not.

So, we can value what He values.

He renews our mind and puts a new heart and spirit in us, so we always have a compass of true life when we tap into Him.

We can receive His blessings that are tied to the condition and action of our heart.

“When our faithful obedience, which is the righteous action of the faith God puts in us, meets God’s faithful grace, a synchronicity of blessing occurs. Good fruit is produced. Treasures are discovered and recovered. Much of value is realized.”

We prosper as our soul prospers (3 Jn. 1:2).

Our soul prospers when we value God, above our ways, as our ultimate authority, who exalts us in due time.

With God we cannot lose.

But without Him we will surely fail.

Did you know that poverty is rooted in insecurity, the cracks of our foundation?

A lack of knowledge of God and His ways leads to a lack of trust in God, which leads to a lack of submission to God, which leads to a lack of His blessing.

Feeling insecure in any particular area of life is a red flag to trust God more. But it’s hard to trust God intimately when we don’t know Him specifically in Word, deed or character.

Our path to finding security in God is to repent from holding onto all that makes us feel insecure, all that opposes His truth, such as fear, hurts, injustices, unforgiveness and unbelief.

To honor God’s infinite glory-worth, we must repent from walking on any path of pain instead of His way, which is faith, love and truth.

When God highlights our insecurity to us, we can thank Him for inviting us up higher. We can simply pray and receive His help to overcome:

Psalm 118:5 TPT tells us, “Out of my deep anguish and pain I prayed, and God, you helped me as a father. You came to my rescue and broke open the way into a beautiful and broad place.”

In Psalm 139:24 TPT, David invites God to “See if there is any path of pain I’m walking on, and lead me back to your glorious, everlasting ways—the path that brings me back to you.”

Luke 3:5 NIV reveals God’s will, which is that “Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low. The crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth.”

God’s Glorious Presence with us reveals His infinite, intrinsic worth. His substance. His essence. His true value in us and for us.

His will is to prosper us (Jer. 29:11).

He desires we know this.

Partnering with God, on the narrow path, honors Him as an expression of respect for His worth and the value He extends to us.

Pray with me if you will . . .
Lord, Thank You for Your worthy Presence in me. I renounce all forms of poverty and receive You as my inherent true value. By Your grace, lead me to experience a deeper inner awakening of Your truth, value, love, life and rest for my weary soul. Purge from me any contemptuous false treasure—especially the idol of hopelessness—by overthrowing it. Heal and deliver me from all that does not please You, so I can have a pure heart of honor toward You and others. Make me into a person of valor, determined to trust and obey You. Help me to guard against entering into any type of bondage forward. Enable me to receive Your finest blessings. Thank You, Lord, for doing that which only You can do. And now, I declare Psalm 139:5 TPT over my life: “You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way, and in kindness you follow behind me to spare me from the harm of my past. With your hand of love upon my life, you impart a blessing to me.” Thank You, Lord. I love You. In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

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