Reconnected Blessings

Sometimes, God allows an experience to awaken us to what He’s doing. And sometimes, the enemy tries to attack in the very area in which we’re about to be blessed.

But we can turn to God and ask Him to open our eyes to see, know and understand what He’s revealing in this very hour. Here’s what He showed me:

God is bringing together blessed connections that will produce expansions of the new life He has worked in us. He is revealing processes and evidence of Christmas miracles that He’s working and has been working in the lives of those for whom we’ve prayed.

He is revealing the deeper ways in which He has worked:

He showed me that, for one, He has brought in a commanded, generational blessing through a spouse, resulting in a job promotion.

For another, He has brought in new physical life through a medical miracle, where He revived and sustained a person’s body.

And for another, He is making a way of escape from abuse by crumbling fortresses in hearts, causing a family to fall forward into Him by using two dynamite prayer warriors to intercede.

God has no shortage of Christmas miracles He is working right now in this very hour! If you need one, cry out to Him with your whole heart!

Our Lord is also revealing to us to “not let the fear of past mistakes be a hindrance of the present breakthrough.” Where some tried to help in misguided ways in the past, they are a thing of the past. God has done a new work in them over time and is now presenting them as an ever-present expression of His help to breakthrough for others.

This requires humility, discerning of spirits and courage, which we can receive from our Lord and trust implicitly.

As He expands our lives, we can reach for God first and ask Him, “Is this of You? If it is, let it be yes and amen. It’s not, may it depart from me as far as the east is from the west.” God will honor this earnest prayer and will show you the way to go.

Right now, He is offering us new life, new wine, new places, new positions, new prayer partners, fresh Words of encouragement and confirmation to those who are willing to fully submit to Him and His ways.

Gone are the old limitations for the willing! It’s a new day of the miraculous, of multiplicity.

God has more for those who have not given up and it’s manifesting right now. Rewards and recompenses are here and are just beginning to be presented. Don’t miss this move of God.

It’s not too late. Repent of anything that you have beheld that is not of Him. Cry out for his rich mercy. Fully submit to Him and His ways—however He desires to deliver. He will do it.

This is a season of birthing Holiness! And God welcomes us as recipients. As we open up to Him, He is opening up doors of restoration to us. He desires that we receive them in the fullness that He offers. Our joy can be made full as He delivers us into His promises.

Glorious Christ child, given to us on earth and in eternity, is with us all the way. He is Emmanuel (Matt 1:23). He is the Way, the Truth, the Life. Let us come and adore Him. Let us receive all He has for us.

Just as He was with Mary and in Mary through the delivery of divine promise, our Lord is with us in our hour of great need. It matters not who is against us, as His Presence prevails as the dominant One.

As death tries to rear its ugly head, nothing will stop the of river of God flowing to those who align with Him and go His way. We can finish this year strong in Him for a new, fruitful beginning before us. He will bring us through and has fostered these expressions of His love and blessing in our lives.

Many of the blessings are coming through those already in our lives or ones we once lost connection with that God is reconnecting. We did not experience certain manifest blessings through these people before, either because we weren’t walking with The Lord or because it wasn’t His time yet. But now it is, and it’s just beginning. We can look for and expect more manifest blessing to be produced through these reconnections. Not by our might, but by His Spirit flowing through them and us.

So, come, let us adore Him!

Thank You for reconnecting us with Your best blessings of our lives, Lord. Thank You for bringing together the broken pieces into Your wholeness that produce a multiplicity of blessing. Thank You for fixing us to flow through us like a river of power to build Your Kingdom. Thank You for enabling us to receive and operate in the commanded blessings through reconnections.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name!


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