Idleness & Idolatry – Part 2

Closely related to idleness is idolatry. The common letter that begins both of these words is “I.” If you look up “I” in Vine’s dictionary, you will see that it means “ego,” something we all need to submit to The Great I AM.


All levels of idolatry involve exhorting our selfish ways above Holy Spirit—knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore, this makes the practice of idolatry a sin of pride that results in low-level living.

When people turn away from God and worship false gods (that can include our own mindsets), they become slaves “to the depraved ideas idols represent…and thereby, to divers lusts,” according to Vine’s. It can be “traced to lack of the acknowledgement of God and of gratitude to Him.”

What we especially need to know about idolatry, in a practical sense, is that it’s a bondage that leads to captivity of the soul, where idolaters bear little or no fruit (Is 46:2). We need to know that, in troubled times, idols will not help: They never answer or save. And they are powerless to do so (Is 46:8). 

Isaiah 44:9 TPT says that “Idol-makers amount to nothing, and the things they treasure can do no one any good. They are witnesses with blind eyes who know nothing; they will be disgraced.” In verse 11, God says idol-worshippers will be “terrified” and “put to shame.”

According to Isaiah 45:20 TPT, worshipping idols results in receiving no revelation knowledge. This is the very opposite of what Jesus came to do, which is to open our blind eyes to Him!

Knowing all of this, we can easily see that the enemy tries to use idolatry to make our efforts fruitless and disgraceful (Jn 15:5). Remember that fruitlessness is a definition of idleness (Strong’s #692). And dis-gracefulness is disempowerment, because anything dis-graceful lacks the grace-power of God. 

If you or I have felt bound up, blind, shamed, terrified or powerless, we need to ask Holy Spirit to reveal any idols in our hearts to us so we can renounce them. God tells how to renounce idols in Isaiah 46:9, saying, “Acknowledge that I am God, and there is no other.” 

The Word that came forth for this message is this:

Idolatry will look different forward. As God shifts His people into bigger, we must be especially careful to not make idols out of our pasts. Do not let memories, soul ties, fears or traumas interrupt faith for the future. We will be tested to not look back to ungodly things.


As an example, Holy Spirit highlighted Saul’s daughter, Michal, and how she was triggered when she saw King David’s wild dance (2 Sa 6:16). Her unfaithful action of attacking David’s heart and spirit proved to be the opposite of Queen Esther coming before her king, prepared and in submission to God.

Michal was un-submitted to both God and David after they both brought her into promotion. Her reaction, when she saw her king dance for his King, revealed the unfaithfulness in her own heart toward both. As a result, she was not blessed in her household (2 Sa 6:20-23).

Michal still needed to grow in faith for the new things God was doing, even though she was already seated in her promotion. 

So, as in Michal’s story, our faithfulness is key. We are to be captivated by Jesus alone, keeping our eyes on higher, renouncing all ties with lesser behaviors and un-glorified things that aren’t worth our time, energy or entanglement, including our own limited opinions.

God, in His rich mercy, has brought His righteousness closer to us all through Jesus. He is about to “break the powers of wickedness” and promote His faithful ones, who cry out to Him (Ps 75:10 TPT). He is about to make them powerful as they praise Him. He will strengthen His faithful ones by His measureless grace—those who leave all of their cares and anxieties at His feet (Ps 55:2 TPT). And choose His higher way of joy.

So, pray with me, if you will . . . 

Dear Lord, 

I turn to You and acknowledge that You are God and there is no other.

Thank You for bringing Your righteousness closer to me through Jesus for Your glory (Is 48:11 TPT).

I choose gratitude and invite You to search my heart and reveal to me any areas where I have participated in idleness or idolatry, including stubbornness and covetousness.

I renounce all forms of prideful idleness and idolatry and command these spirits to depart from me now. I break the enemy’s plots against me and choose Your plan today, Lord. 

Thank You for restoring my heart to wholeness and my mind to soundness. Thank You for setting me free, so I can walk in Your blessing to be a blessing.  

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, 


Now, I declare the blessing of Isaiah 45:8 TPT over you, which is to “Shower down righteousness, O heavens above. Let the clouds drip with deliverance! Let earth’s womb open and bear salvation’s fruit, with righteousness rising up beside it!” You, “Yahweh, have created all of them!”

And I declare, according to Isaiah 61:11 TPT, that “In the same way the earth produces its crops and seeds spring up in a garden, so will the Lord Yahweh cause righteousness and praise to blossom before all the nations!”

To Him be all glory, honor and praise!

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Idleness & Idolatry – Part 1

For several days in a row, Holy Spirit spoke to me about idols and being idle in this order, giving me a revelation that these two sins are closely related. 

His purpose is twofold: First, to deal with any residual in our lives that may be holding us back and, secondly, to help us guard against these culprits forward. 

Our gracious Lord is setting us up for victory going into the promised land by both forewarning and fortifying us against the enemy’s temptations and captivations.

After highlighting several verses and digging out Biblical definitions, He brought to mind Achan at Ai. If you’re not familiar with his story, you can read it in the Book of Joshua, chapter 7.

Here’s the Word that came forth:

Status quo is over! It’s time to “shift into bigger!”

There’s no room for carnal pleasures of the past. It’s time to rise and do the work God instructed. It’s time to awaken to the new. It’s time to lift our heads and celebrate our new beginnings. It’s time for joyous synergy! 

The destruction of yesterday will be no more for God’s people. It’s time to leap over the ash heap and build anew. It’s time to go and do the will of God.

Miracles of intervention will take place in the middle of working through a mess (Jos 8).

Do not fear, for fears of all types can cause a sense of dread and idleness. Distractions and wrong priorities are also culprits. 

What we think we have to do may not be so, according to God. Do the one thing He instructed (Is 47:17).

He has been growing us in submission to Him and is now reprioritizing and opening doors for what’s most important to produce fruit. He has healed and restored us to do the work at hand and do it diligently. 

Our time is not our own!

Isaiah 47:8 TPT speaks of Babylon as a “pampered lover of pleasure.” But God is righting life for His people. He is tearing down false empires, self-proclaimed dynasties and repositioning His people out of bondage and false systems to do Kingdom work. 

He is actively working Psalm 75:10, which is to empower the uncompromising righteous and disempower the ungodly. He is dealing with idle ideas, the idle maker (enemy) and idle makers (those aligned with devil).

He is setting things right by His grace-power. He is putting an end to bondages suddenly and in a single day (Is 47:9). 

Enough captivity!

It’s time to be captivated by God above all else. He’s cutting ties and tethers to what was. He’s resetting His people for better and far better. 

What have you been bound to? It’s time to realize God sees and knows.

It’s time to be set free. It’s time to get up and go do the work at hand by God’s grace-power. It’s time to expand with the active wisdom and knowledge of Christ. It’s time for truth to pierce the darkness. 

It’s time to be set free, to go and do. To build God’s Kingdom!


In 2 Thessalonians 3, we read that Paul instructs the church to imitate him and his team. He points out that they were not idle in relationship with them and that they worked day and night, as to not burden them (vs 7-9).

The Word “idle” (Strong’s #812) here means “to be out of order, be remiss.” To “riot, rebel, behave disorderly,” neglect duty and to be careless in habits. It means to “behave improperly” and “behave self-disorderly.” 

Another commentary defines idleness as “…to be out of proper order (arrangement), i.e., breaking rank (disregarding commands, authority)” (Helps). And a third commentary defines it as to “act in an undisciplined manner” (NAS). A fourth commentary defines it as “of soldiers marching out of order or quitting the ranks, to be neglectful of duty, to be lawless, to lead a disorderly life” (Thayer’s).

Being idle, of course, is the opposite of God’s recipe for success, which is described in Isaiah 47:17 TPT, where He says, “I am the One who teaches you how to succeed and who leads you step by step in the way you should go.”

In this simple, put powerful verse, we can see God’s authority and that He requires order, action and our obedience.

To be sure, we do not want to model the Babylonians, who were confused, rebellious pleasure seekers that met their demise (Is 47).

Proverbs 14:23 TPT reminds us that “If you work hard at what you do, great abundance will come to you. But merely talking about getting rich while living to only pursue your pleasures brings you face-to-face with poverty.”

Thankfully, the apostle Peter shares seven virtues we already have within us that will keep us from being “inactive or fruitless” (Strong’s #692) (2 Pe 1:8). They are goodness, understanding, strength of self-control, patient endurance, godliness, mercy and unending love (2 Pe 1:5-7).

That’s all for this week. Join me next week for Part 2 of Idleness & Idolatry.

To God be the glory. 

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