Healing Dreams

Sometimes, when we have suffered a long time, like Joseph, a dream can make all the difference. A dream can minister the comfort of hope. Acting on it can unlock our destinies and bring fullness of joy.

Remember the dream Joseph had early in his life? Where God revealed to him the good outcome of his hardship?

Well, fast forward to when God put Joseph in front of Pharaoh to interpreted Pharaoh’s dream. What we see here is a Divine set-up for Joseph to interpret someone else’s dream before his own dream came true. And of all people, God chose Pharaoh, the earthly governing authority who kept Joseph and his dream locked away. But the deeper truth here is that both of them held each other’s keys to unlock their destinies.

Pharaoh needed a favor and so did Joseph. But if Joseph’s heart hadn’t been right in the eyes of God, he would not have interpreted Pharaoh’s dream. And if Pharaoh hadn’t humbled himself to receive the interpretation through his prisoner, Joseph, he would have had a very different story.

So, we see here that, when Joseph brought life to Pharaoh’s dream by interpreting it, this unlocked his own dream. The dream interpretation turned the key of destiny that set Joseph free from where he had been. It opened up his own new beginning for a new path (Ps 119:32).

What’s important to see here is that God’s heart extends beyond us to others we feel may not be so deserving. In this case, God expressed His grace through both Joseph and Pharaoh, as God’s heart was to feed not only His blessed Israelites but also His beloved Egyptians.

Just like with Joseph, God will often position an unlikely person in our lives who holds the key to unlock our dreams and destinies. When we grow to have a right heart toward them, beyond judgment into triumphant mercy, to the extent that we become willing to first help them unlock their dream, God breaks open our own dream-come-true. 

This is the virtue and law of reciprocity that is part of maturing, strengthening and transforming us as Christ-like. It is for our benefit, even though it doesn’t initially feel fair to our selfish nature.

It’s a way God humbles us to position us for promotion.

It’s a way we experience the fullness of our healing as joy floods us.

As our breakthroughs come, even through unexpected key holders, we experience the freedom to get unstuck as God extends His grace to the humble.

We can imagine the challenge of Joseph having to overcome feelings of being controlled by this authority figure before he could walk in greater authority. And we can understand this higher walk with God as we honor both Him and the one He chose to hold and turn our keys.

Clearly, prideful dishonor must go as we submit to God’s ways.

I have experienced this in my life on a couple of occasions. One of them being in the area of book publishing:

There was a woman, with whom I worked, who desired to publish a book and sought an editor. She asked me if I would do the job.

I knew this woman had no experience in writing or book publishing and that she was not a strong believer. She believed in Jesus but also believed in other practices that were not of Him.

Even so, I realized that, in His rich mercy, our Lord will bless whomever He chooses. So, I prayed about editing her manuscript.

At that time in my life, I didn’t understand that this situation was a set-up from God. I felt frustrated because it seemed I wasn’t being blessed in this area.

Still, I felt like God desired I do the job. So, I soldiered up and did a thorough edit. In the process, I discovered that, as I helped this woman break through into her dream-come-true, God grew me in humility.

Just a few years later, our Lord extended His grace further to see to it that my first book was published. This proved to be the beginning of my formal ministry structure.

So, friends, God doesn’t stop short and He never forgets. Our blessings begin when we align with Him and are extended when we work with Him to bless others.

What God did for Joseph, He will do for us.

Wherever you are in your journey, remember you are always victorious in Christ. You are continually growing higher as you align with Him. And you will accomplish your destiny with God if you honor Him and don’t give up.

So, Lord, please have mercy upon us and bring Your healing by helping us realize our dreams-come-true. For Your glory.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


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