End of Times to Best of Times

Nearly two decades ago, Holy Spirit revealed to me that the years 2024 and 2025 involve special times of grace for mega endings and new beginnings.

When the precise appointed times for these shifts are right, they will happen. And they will be undeniable. They will occur on a personal level and nationally.

Over the years, our Lord has been preparing us in every way, making us ready by growing us in His faith, His truth and His grace to flourish us in the “better” and “far better” things He’s bringing. 

He has been doing it for everyone who has aligned with Him, everyone who has yielded their hearts and actively obeyed. He has fortified us and encouraged us along the way.

Over the past year, especially, Holy Spirit reminded me to be more intentional about keeping my eyes on Him, because He has clarity and understanding that will heal my heart from former adversities, while revealing specific strategies forward. He has highlighted Romans 12:2 to me numerous times as a reminder to step up my fierce focus. And He has instructed me to get my house in order to be ready to move when it’s time.

Just a couple of weeks ago, as I picked up my Bible and looked through the outline of the Book of Judges, Holy Spirit began to speak to me, reminding me of what’s to come and revealing a zoom-in perspective:

He highlighted to me that after Israel’s disobedience came anarchy. Anarchy means disorder, lawlessness and disobedience to authority (Dictionary.com). The root of this word means lack in leadership. So, anarchy is a result of the workings of immoral, foolish leadership. 

Of course, we’ve already seen this occur in our society-at-large and many have pressed into God as a result. 

But what Holy Spirit also revealed to me was that, right in the middle of this mess, we find His heart working to raise up His Gideons who have endured. God is raising up His last as first, His least as best in class, His best at last and His best for last…all into manifest redemption.

In short, God is taking His refined-by-fire ones from the end of times into His best of times. He alone is doing it and with them will come the fresh, new things that God desires to usher into this season. 

I believe this is one purpose for the rapid succession of ready generals of the faith being escorted to their Heavenly homes. And just as God has made a way for these who have gone before us, He will advance those who remain in obedience on earth.

So, like Gideon, as we lay down any unbelief and choose to believe again, as we reach for God as Ruler (our true governing authority) and actively obey Him, He will reveal Himself as Redeemer in and through our lives. He’ll bring us into a fullness of victory that’ll expand like wildfire. 

God requires us to sync with Him, even more, to turn it all around. 

As we process through this last push with Him His way, God will do what we cannot. He’ll provide the help we need through a Deborah and a small army and work miracles in our midst. He’ll re-establish law and order and produce manifest inheritance for us as displays of His goodness of Christ-likeness having been worked out of us. 

And even though we’re seeing some progress now, 2025 is a year of Jubilee, where much more will be added, shifting us into overdrive. In 2025, His Gideons will be set into new positions for exponential outreach. It will be a time where we will begin to see the fruit of the fierce focus He has called us to cultivate right now.

God’s grace will flow through a powerful obedience of heart into joyous, unstoppable, outward impact. There’ll be a sense of it all finally coming together after years of slow, daily growth and re-organization. 

Holy Spirit gave me a Word of encouragement for His Gideons right now, which is this:

“Because you have fought in a right way—My way,” says The Lord of Hosts, “I AM making it right for you. Because you have owned My precepts, you will own all else I AM giving to you. Because you have demonstrated loyal love to Me and My beloved, and even to the enemies that did some good but also harm, I AM putting you on a new path to a covenant connection who will have the right heart and the right expertise. This new governing authority is ready and well-able to work with you to facilitate your success. They will have your best interest at heart. They have been tested and proven and have a heart for Me and the heart of a yielded facilitator to help you soar. Where you felt like you just couldn’t do it before, I saw all of what happened and I AM stepping in to turn it around. No longer will you feel less than or left out. No longer will you be ostracized for what others viewed as shortcomings. No longer will you be their target for misery and fear and greed.” The Lord says, “I AM turning it in your favor. I AM bringing all the fragments from back then into a new whole. I AM putting into place the family, the ministry, the business and the finances. I AM bringing you into the outward re-order. Every resource you need I will provide for you to live the life I have called you to live. And as you continue to obey Me, you will see that, what you thought had escaped your grasp, was truly a conduit to pray forward. This time,” The Lord says, “it will not escape you because it will be My time for you. I will put it firmly in your hands and you shall have it in its fullness,” says The Lord of Hosts.

So, Lord, 

Let it be unto us, according to Your will.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


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