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On the morning of October 11, 2022, three days before our Lord relocated me out of state, He gave me this Word. It’s not solely for me but also for those who are willing to hear and receive it by faith. Here is the Word:

We are in a time where those who know Christ as their true power and authority will excel even more. Everyday citizens of Heaven on earth will see God’s explosive power and authority manifest in healings, miracles and deliverances instantaneously and in great measure.

Where the enemy has tried to push back authority in our streets as a visual to intimidate My righteous ones, says The Lord of Hosts, I AM revealing Myself in full-on power and authority through my aligned ones in a rising, the scale of which this world hasn’t seen.

To My people, says The Lord, when the stones start to be thrown, know that Heaven will break open for you even more as conversions happen all around you. Many of the most desperate people, who are caught in impossible snares, will acknowledge My grace and receive freedom.

Those empowered with My truth and love will come on the scene courageously, stand for what is right in My eyes, reach out to others and see it manifest. They will be a witness to those who have deep un-resolve in their hearts toward authority—the ones who exalted their false ways out of fear and envy, says The Lord. As a result, many who didn’t know better will come to know Me and live. Others will self-destruct in their stubbornness.

There is a definitive line between good and evil, says The Lord. I have drawn it and am making it known again. People must choose this day whom they will serve–darkness or light. For I have raised a standard. More than ever, the world will see black and white in a new way. For there is no in-between, says The Lord. To those who are bent towards destruction, there will be no more grace for in-between. It is not about you. It is about Me. It is not about race. It is about running your race with Me. It is not about who is right. It is about My righteousness, says The Lord of Hosts. I AM exalting My righteousness on the earth.

My higher standard will be even more obvious as I make Myself known to this world on a heart level, both to individuals and at large. I will send My beacon-people to those in need of true authority. They will bring the deliverance needed to those who are willing. This move will not be a stretching, like in times past, says The Lord, but will include My righteous expectations and involve a series of definitive and deliberate choices they will now have to make. It will happen in rapid succession. Once choice after the other, they will have to decide whose side they are on: Mine or theirs. Mine or the evil one’s.

Gone is the grace, for those who know better, to torment others. For time is short, says The Lord. Decide this day whom you will serve and live or die by your choices of grace or no grace, as there will be no more in-between allowed for those who know what to do. For I AM cleaning My houses, says the Lord of Hosts. I AM delivering, re-aligning, re-ordering and re-assigning My people. This is a time of honor and exaltation. This is time for Me to be exalted in the earth through those who have aligned with Me as their Love and Truth, their Power and Authority.

Have I not taught you? asks The Lord. Have I not trained you? There has been grace for you to learn a thing. And now, I AM adding speed. I AM increasing velocity to enable you, who choose Me, to soar. Just as My Word does not return void, My straight arrows will hit the mark in this season, as I have restored and equipped them to do so.

This is a time of lift. So, continue to lift Me up in your praises and be lifted. Watch for and experience My joy permeate your entire being, says The Lord. For I come in fullness of Spirit to deliver My promises to My beloved. Watch and see the goodness I do, for you will see My glory fill the earth in a new and fresh way that will awe My beloved and win souls for My glory.

Friends, pray with me if you will…

Dear Lord,

Thank You for Your Word that exalts Your nations. Thank You for freeing Your beloved from man’s snares. We choose to hold onto You as You bring Your willing ones where You desire we be at this time. Thank You for remembering us, as You continually go before us and make a way that would be otherwise impossible. We choose to trust You now and forever.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


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