Rebound: Center & Power Forward

Rebound is defined by Webster’s as “. . . an upward leap or movement; recovery . . . gaining possession . . . a reaction to setback, frustration, or crisis . . .“

Very recently, I heard Pastor Jentezen Franklin preach on the topic of rebounding.

Have you ever had one of those moments when God uses His spoken Word to instantly bring something to remembrance for the purpose of settling it once and for all?

This was one of those moments for me.

The Back Story

What some of my new friends don’t know about me is that I was once a NBA cheerleader. It was 1978, the year the Washington Bullets (now Wizards) won the NBA World Championship Series.

Margaret D. Mitchell, 1978 Washington Bullets Cheerleader

What an exciting time! I was thrilled to be on the floor, watching sweat fly week after week…especially toward final victory!

A teen at the time, I was the youngest cheerleader on the team, barely making the legal age limit.

And I was engaged to be married.

I had received Jesus as my Savior about five years earlier. This was especially good, because I was about to head into one of the worst mistakes of my life that would take over two decades to overcome emotionally.

That marriage was not divinely assigned.

The Rebound Sermon

As Pastor Jentezen spoke, The Lord showed me a vision of then Bullets power forward/center Wes Unseld.

Wes was a very famous and highly-valued REBOUNDER. He was named MVP for the NBA Finals in 1978.

God brought to remembrance that, nearly every time it was my turn to cheer, Wes was on the scene. God brought to remembrance that, even back then, I thought there was something mysterious about this; because it happened too often to be coincidental, and it was not planned by any person.

But I was too spiritually immature at the time to think to ask God what He desired I see. (I’ve since learned.)

I didn’t know Wes at all, but I remember him as being big, strong, humble, well-mannered, focused, a force of a gentle giant, someone who typically made eye contact and spoke as he passed by. He was just that decent of a person. I don’t recall a single time that he played nasty on the court. I only remember him as self-controlled, a true pro.

This made a valuable impression on younger me.

Fast Forward Five Years Post NBA Cheerleading

I’m divorced, in college, and working for an airline at BWI (Baltimore Washington International Airport). Wes is now a vice president for the Bullets.

Here comes Wes . . . again!

Over a two year period, Wes would walk down the concourse, as I worked gates. I would wave from a distance. He would nod. Each time, I would sense there was something more to this, a mystery to be revealed.

I was curious. But I still didn’t think to ask God.

Bottomline Revelation

As I heard the Word through Pastor Jentezen’s preaching, I received a revelation that God had spotlighted this highly-valued REBOUNDER (Wes) in front of me innumerable times BEFORE AND AFTER the worst mistake of my life to show me that, ALL ALONG, HE HAD A REBOUND PLAN FOR ME TO RECOVER ALL. He and His plan never went away! There is victory in the rebound, even to the point of feeling first-rate again, when we make Him first in our hearts. Over time, faithful, patient God brought me back to CENTER in His mercy of REDEMPTION, a POWER FORWARD MOVE to get me back on the right(eous) track and off the track of self-reliance.

God did not forget! He made it right!

He made me aware and settled His truth once and for all deep in my spirit, soul, and body. I could literally, physically feel God ESTABLISH His truth in me.

He had been waiting for me to trust Him enough to believe that He always had a mercy plan to REBOUND me to the place of wholeness and that nothing I had done was so condemned that I couldn’t receive it. God desired I understand that I never had to try to figure it all out on my own.

He took my burden and gave me His truth!

The Heavenly Father of prodigals does this for everyone who loves Him, comes to Him, and believes!

Because He loves us, and we all need His abundant mercy.

Praise God!

Biblical Justice vs. Self-Justification

On July 5, 2018, I went into a local store to purchase a children’s book I had seen a week earlier. I walked up to the very shelf where it had been standing, cover forward. But the book was no longer there. In its place, however, was a thick Justice Bible:

Justice Bible

I felt arrested.

You see, late last year, Holy Spirit led me to finish the writing I had begun with Him years earlier on the topic of His true justice over our self-justification. This writing is the final chapter in our forthcoming book, Enduring Grace.

Studying holy scripture and receiving revelation for this topic over the years proved deeply transforming to me. I believe that when God desires to transform nations, He begins in the hearts of His people.

God re-created mine.

I knew God would instruct me to share this “justice” message in His appointed time. And I knew God was speaking to me through this Justice Bible, so undeniably in my face.

Later, at home, as I immediately prepared to get this message out, I received a second affirmation through a Justice clothing catalog for girls in the mail. Now, this is not a mailing list to which I have ever subscribed. I work diligently to keep junk mail from my mailbox. But this was no junk!

Justice Catalog

I knew in my spirit it was God’s time to share our writings on this topic; because when God offers affirmations twice, “the matter has been firmly decided by God, and God will do it soon” (Gen 41:32).

Oh, the establishment of two witnesses (2 Cor 13:1)!

I hope this message on God’s true justice will prove powerfully transforming in your life, too.

By the way, The Lord led me to find the children’s book I initially went to the store to buy. It was one aisle over from the Justice Bible. Don’t you love how He orders our steps and fulfills the promises He deposits in our hearts?!