Righteous Dedication 

We’re shifting into a place where God is making things in our lives more right (Is 46:13).

Where we have awakened to God’s wisdom and known Him more, where we’ve chosen more true justice above self-justification, more God dependence over self-reliance and more selflessness in general over selfishness, God is bringing His beloved into an abundance of manifest righteousness (Is 61:11).

The verse Holy Spirit highlighted to me is Isaiah 43:7 TPT, which says, “Bring me everyone who is called by my name, the ones I created to experience my glory. I myself formed them to be who they are and made them for my glory.”

Even as I write, I have a sense that this manifest righteousness will touch every area of our lives and some areas in particular more than others.

This is a recompense, yes, a reward for faithful commitment and even more. It’s an expression of God’s faithfulness. A reflection of Him in our inward state of being. A gracious revealing that Holy Spirit has grown His willing ones to receive better. It’s answer to prayer and markers of destiny. It’s gracious blessing of making so many full of His joy to bring Him glory and overflow to others (Is 43:7 TPT).

HELPS Word-studies says of these righteous ones “…they are justified (…”made right, righteous”) by God’s grace each time they receive (obey) faith” (Strong’s #1344).

The Word righteous means what’s just in character and ways, according to God (Vine’s). It’s what’s approved by God and judged as right, just and holy in His eyes. 

Righteousness works in tandem with justice as a governing rule of divine authority. So much so that they’re the foundation of God’s throne (Ps 89:14). Therefore, anything that is truly righteous is supportive of God’s reign.

To be dedicated to this, means one must submit to God’s heart, His nature—His holy character and ways.

By grace through faith, Christ makes us righteousness in spirit. To choose to be dedicated to Him in soul and body requires us to align with His Spirit in character and principles, trusting Him enough to follow His lead and sacrificing whatever is necessary along the way as we grow in Him.

Therefore, a righteous walk requires us to conform to Him and His will consistently. And we can only do this with Holy Spirit’s help. As we know Him and yield to Him increasingly, He lifts us out of dis-grace and builds us in what’s right in His eyes by His grace-power. 

In this way, God restores honor. 

As God does this, He will alert His willing ones to any diversion(s) as attacks against them and their path to get them off-course.

These diversions are efforts of the enemy that oppose God’s righteous direction for His beloved. They often work through a well-meaning, but self-righteous person, full of their own opinions; or through an envious person, who’s under demonic influence, such as Saul toward David.

Holy Spirit especially highlighted this to remind His people to be alert as we build forward with God’s anointing to restore His people (1 Pe 5:8).

This reminds me of Nehemiah and his famous message: “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and come down to you” (Ne 6:3 ESV)? In other words, don’t bow to the enemy.

What’s right in God’s eyes often doesn’t make sense to many of us, including loved ones who desire God’s best for us and, yes, especially to those who work against us and God. Therefore, it’s critically important to discern what’s truly of God by listening to His voice above every other, and follow His instructions, even if they seem new to us or unusual.

Remember, too, that a person cannot dedicate themselves to God and evil simultaneously. Paul says in 2 Corinthians 6:14 TPT, “Don’t continue to team up with unbelievers in mismatched alliances, for what partnership is there between righteousness and rebellion? Who could mingle light with darkness?”

Sadly, this can even mean those close to us, whom we love, even believers who still have unbelief in one or more particular areas.

Therefore, we must make wise choices on the right path in God’s eyes, even if others close to us don’t understand. To do this, we must have a closer relationship with God than anyone else. We must hear from Him for ourselves and study His Word. 

We are coming into a time of Psalm 30:1 and we need to continue to stay on course and be strong in our Lord. 

The TPT version of this verse says, “Lord, I will exalt you and lift you high, for you have lifted me up on high! Over all my boasting, gloating enemies, you made me to triumph.”

So, let’s discern His best for our lives.

Pray with me if you will . . . 

Dear Lord, 

Thank You for your rich mercy, for choosing us and for building us by Your grace-power (2 Ti 3:16). Please continue to help us by expanding our hearts of dedication to You, as our superpower (Ja 1:12).

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, 


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Power Walk

One morning, Holy Spirit gave me a revelation that His anointing, which is His power working through His people, is rooted in a cycle of sacrifice. I had never thought of it quite this way. 

The cycle involves Jesus sacrificing His life for us to receive new life. And then us sacrificing our lives to His. This costly cycle of sacrifice can empower an unstoppable overflow into other people’s lives that delivers them from evil in a unique way.

Soon after receiving this revelation, I went to see one of Apostle Kathryn Krick’s Revival Now events. At this event, God’s anointing worked through her to deliver people from demonization.

It was a modern-day Luke 10:17 demonstration of Acts 8:7 (Lk 4:35-36, Is 45:8).

And the enemy hated it because it displaced his grip. 

To be clear, the anointing comes from Holy Spirit through yielding to His holy ways and according to the measure He desires to offer. As we become increasingly selfless and receive more of what’s most precious into our souls, which is Glorious Jesus as our Treasure, He enables us to receive His anointing in order to serve in our divine callings and assignments. 

And anything He offers us from this exchange is pure gold. 

Precious & Costly

Holy Spirit highlighted Isaiah 43:4 TPT, which says, “Since you are cherished and precious in my eyes, and because I love you dearly and want to honor you, I willingly give up nations in exchange for you.”

The Word “precious” in this verse means “dear, costly, of great price” (TPT study note). The Word “honor” here means “glory” (TPT study note). So, knowing Jesus is our glorious Pearl of Great Price, you can see how cyclical this process is.

The anointing invites us to know Him as the God of gracious sacrifice, full of power and overflow of new life. In fact, the way to true abundance is to sacrificially abide in The One, who owns it all.

So, sacrifice is the price—both for Him, when He laid down His life for us, and for us as we die to every form of selfishness for Him to live through us in increasing measure (Jn 14:12).

Pride or Power

The enemy is so afraid of this yoke-breaking power that he works overtime to try to keep people in darkness by his lies and fears that oppose God’s truth, faith and love. 

Knowing all of this, we can see how the enemy is jealous of us and that God is jealous for us.

Where the enemy tries to rob us of God’s fullness by his dis-grace through the pride of self-idolatry Father God ransomed His Son to save us, where we would be otherwise hopeless (Is 42:17, 44:9).

God empowers us to reap a true harvest beyond harassment and holy discernment beyond discouragement.

We do this by making wise decisions based on the wisdom of God and by sticking to a Godly strategy in our missions, like Jesus, no matter what the sacrifice (Ja 4:7).

We can remember that, although suffering comes in the sacrifice, it’s only for a little while to serve a high, holy purpose (1 Pe 5:10-11 AMPC).


This brings me to another key factor in all this, which is authority—both natural and supernatural. Holy Spirit revealed to me, during quiet time, that He’s now releasing more authority to His tested and tried ones—the ones who proved faithful in their new nature by Him. 

This is not to say they were or are perfect but they have been perfected by Him to walk in greater authority with Him. In this new level, they will walk out what Holy Spirit revealed to them in advance (Is 42:9).

And in His kindness, Holy Spirit has made them well-able. He has been growing them behind the scenes for a long time, causing them to yield to Him little-by-little over many years so they would not be shaken beyond what they can now handle with Him. 

God trained them to behold Him and His promises in greater measure and now they are ready to realize the fruit of what they’ve beheld.

Imperfect Vessels

If you think God doesn’t bless the imperfect to glorify Himself, you can read Isaiah 43 to see a different story (about Jacob and his descendants). Verse 7 TPT says, “Bring me everyone who is called by my name, the ones I created to experience my glory. I myself formed them to be who they are and made them for my glory.”

Therefore, “You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men” (1 Co 7:23).

It’s a new day for those who are willing and able to walk authoritatively in the powerful anointing of God. So, put God first, receive what is most precious and powerful and pour out alongside the gracious One of sacrifice. Because, in this season, gone is the unholiness that caused frustration and delayed victory.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, 


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Burden Bearer

We can hear that we should cast our cares on The Lord so often that it can feel cliché at times. But God is taking us deeper in this area. 

He’s about to send many of His faithful ones out to the nations. And in this light, Holy Spirit highlighted these verses in Isaiah 40 TPT to me:

Verse 17 tells us that “The nations are nothing in his eyes; he regards them as absolutely nothing.”

Verse 15 says, “Even the nations are to him like a drop in a bucket, regarded as nothing more than dust on a scale. He picks up the islands like fine grains of sand.”

“He reduces rulers to nothing and makes the elite of the earth as nothing at all. They barely get planted and barely take root in the position of power when the Lord blows on them and they wither away, carried off like straw in the stormy wind” (Is 40:23-24 TPT).

“He sits enthroned high above the circle of the earth; to him the people of earth are like grasshoppers” (Is 40:22 TPT)!

These passages help us keep “the nations” in God’s perspective. 

If there’s one thing God taught me when I flew to countless destinations over the years—sometimes ten cities a day—is that the world is small. When you go from one place to another in a matter of minutes or hours, especially over a period of years, most places come to feel like your neighborhood.

And all of it was and still is temporary.

Sure, you could find your favorite people and venues, but you knew it would soon come to an end. Soon and very soon, you would go home and so would they. And then you would get ready for another new beginning. 

And isn’t this how life is? A cycle?

There are mainstays and those you will not see again until Jesus comes for you. In the middle are countless transitions that involve the growth of setting boundaries, saying good-bye and relocating. And in the midst of it all, we come to know more than ever how much we need God. 

We seek Him. He develops us. He sends us out. Again. And there we go. And here we are. 

I believe this is what David knew intimately with God and walked out experientially. When we consider where David began and where he ended up, we can see the miraculous hand of God at work on his behalf. His powerful, ruling hand, as well as His outstretched, compassionate arms. 

Oh, Lord, how we need You.

You never wear out. Your intelligence is unlimited (Is 40:28). You infuse us with Your strength (Is 40:29). Only in Your grace upon grace can we run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint (Is 40:31).

You alone, God, are our King.

He says in Exodus 25:8 AMPC, “Let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them. [Heb. 8:1, 2; 10:1.],” It’s in this dwelling place that we realize He’s bigger than all else, where He as Love drives out all our fears to reveal more of Himself.

He is why we can be a beacon to nations. His light in us. 

Isaiah 40:26-28 TPT directs our attention onto Him alone by saying:

Lift up your eyes to the sky and see for yourself. Who do you think created the cosmos? 

He lit every shining star and formed every glowing galaxy, and stationed them all where they belong. 

He has numbered, counted, and given everyone a name. They shine because of God’s incredible power and awesome might; not one fails to appear!

Why, then, O Jacob’s tribes, would you ever complain? And my chosen Israel, why would you say, ‘Yahweh isn’t paying attention to my situation. He has lost all interest in what happens to me.’

Don’t you know? Haven’t you been listening? . . . 

These words are a reminder to not drift away from dwelling with Him intimately. In our overwhelm, our busyness, our awareness of our inadequacy to do anything Kingdom on our own, we can look up and come near to Him again. 

Isaiah 41:10 TPT tells us, “Never turn your gaze from me, for I am your faithful God.”

It’s the only way we can go the distance. And His Holiness is the only way that’s acceptable to God. It’s the only way we can be a bridge, a conduit, a voice of Good News to the nations to which He sends us. 

Pray with me if you will . . . 

Dear Lord, 

Thank You that You are God and I am not.

Help us to freely cast our burdens onto You. You, who died to take every one. 

Help us not to hold onto false responsibilities or false pride. Help us to remain within Your divine purposes, trusting that You can handle all that is too big for us.

Help us to continue to lean into Miraculous You as we go forward with You. 

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, 


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By now in your life, you may have learned a few things, namely that God is the most beautiful person, companion and source in your life. You’ve learned that He makes all things new (Re 21:1-7). 

And now, it’s time to see the beauty for ashes come into place. It’s time for outward redemption, righteousness and justice. It’s time for recompense. 

And it’s time for convergence.

Convergence is the powerful action of parts coming into a new whole—God’s shalom. Convergence forges fullness of promise.

You may have seen an increase of undeniable signs as God’s time for fulfillment converges in your life. 

Maybe you have waited and waited until you’ve become fully surrendered to God’s ways in the wait. Maybe God has gotten you past all the tests and attacks. And now, it’s just a matter of time—weeks, days, hours or even minutes until the moment of crescendo, when suddenly everything shifts into a more complete new. 


Hard times are no more because the pressures that were sent to test and refine you lifted so you could be lifted. And all you see now is the open door, a beautiful expanse waiting for you. 

It’s real. And it’s of The Lord. 

King Solomon new a bit about beauty as the convergence of wholeness. He could see his temple come together over time and imagined what the outcome would look like, according to God’s plan.

As the author of Ecclesiastes, he wrote in 3:11 that “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He also has planted eternity in men’s hearts and minds [a divinely implanted sense of a purpose working through the ages which nothing under the sun but God alone can satisfy] . . .”

How can we not be swept up in holy awe as we experience God moving pieces to build purposed fragments into a new wholeness?

While God is converging His beautiful pieces in your life, He’s also removing the unholy bits. Because you have rejected evil, there simply won’t be room for ugly anymore. 

You may have noticed Him establishing new boundaries to protect your heart or giving you the help you need to clean up messes that have been in place way too long. 

God has been awakening you to receive better.

One morning, during quiet time, Holy Spirit highlighted Abigail twice to me within a couple of hours. When God offers us two confirmations like this, according to Genesis 41:32, it means that it has been firmly decided and it will happen soon. 

When we look at Abigail in 1 Samuel 25, we see in verse 3 that she is described as “intelligent and beautiful.” She was a woman of “understanding” and could discern things. Abigail was wise with the wisdom of God.

Also, in verse 3, we see that Abigail was married to quite the opposite. Her husband, Nabal, is described as “harsh and badly behaved.” He didn’t even display mercy during a time of mourning in all of Israel when Samuel passed (1 Sa 25:1).

This story is a revealing of hearts and how God realigns them.

God saw that Nabal’s heart was hard and that Abigail suffered as a result. God knew she had the submitted heart of a generous giver, of courage, of truth and righteous. And God was about to set Abigail free and make her life better. 

God ultimately sent her an anointed king to rescue her. David was his name. The one after God’s own heart (Ac 13:22). Someone who also knew what it was like to be devalued, disregarded and shamed by those close to him. 

Finally, Abigail had met her match and God made it covenant.

We can look at her testimony as a type of Joseph story in that what man (and the devil) meant for evil, God meant for good to develop a wise ruler. 

We can also see how it parallels with the two differing 10-spy reports and how God used that to test and separate the good from evil within the Israelite community (Nu 13-14).

God manifested His goodness to faithful Abigail by giving her a better life forward, where she would be honored as the queen He made her to become.

Friends, God will not let His beautiful and discerning ones waste away when they look to Him and choose His ways. He is about to separate His faithful ones from among the headstrong, unbelieving, selfish, hard-hearted and greedy to forge them ahead into His promises with Him. 

He’s calling His wholehearted ones out to enter into better. And not just better for themselves but also for the betterment of those for whom they will steward.

When Abigail married King David, she gained influence and authority to make a difference in the land beyond what she could do in her aloneness. Although she wasn’t perfect, she had a heart that could go and grow into the role God assigned to her.

And it was all done by God’s Spirit. 

Many of you have waited a long time to be delivered into greater freedom to help free others. Know that, no matter what you’ve endured, there comes a time when God will move on your behalf, like He did for Abigail and Joseph, to bring you into a palace time of noble service.

And when He does, you will come to know, more than ever, that you are the victorious crown that God has made you to be, according to Philippians 4:1 TPT, which says, “My dear and precious friends, whom I deeply love, you have truly become my glorious joy and crown of reward. Now arise in the fullness of your union with our Lord.”

To Him be the glory.


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You Amaze Me

The morning after learning of a dear friend’s mother passing onto Heaven, Holy Spirit led me to Philippians 4 and highlighted verses 6-9. Philippians happened to be part of my regular sequence of Bible reading for that day. And I marveled at how God so perfectly timed these passages.

It also happened to be the 20-year anniversary of my wedding engagement.

The TPT version of Philippians 4:6-9 say:

Don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing. Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude. Tell him every detail of your life, then God’s wonderful peace that transcends human understanding, will guard your heart and mind through Jesus Christ. Keep your thoughts continually fixed on all that is authentic and real, honorable and admirable, beautiful and respectful, pure and holy, merciful and kind. And fasten your thoughts on every glorious work of God, praising him always. Put into practice the example of all that you have heard from me or seen in my life and the God of peace will be with you in all things.

For me, this was the perfect solution of Gospel that came at the perfect time. 

Here, God clearly lays out the Biblical process for conflict resolution in the soul. If you read the earlier passages in this chapter, you will see a reference to a disagreement between two believers. However, this powerful pattern can be applied to anything that conflicts with God’s life-giving Glory-Presence or His peace as the guard of our souls, including during the passing of a loved one. 

He is essentially revealing:

  1. To be still.
  2. To pray with gratitude.
  3. To receive peace and solutions.
  4. To fix our thoughts on Him, His nature and His ways.
  5. To praise Him more.
  6. To receive more of His peace.

We see this demonstrated after Jesus resurrected. Such as when the angels came to minister to the three grieving women at the tomb and set their hearts on high (Lk 24:1-8). And then when Jesus appeared to his grieving disciples to minister to them (Lk 24:29, 36, 53).

We see His Glorified-Presence repeatedly show up to comfort the brokenhearted and offer life-giving evidence of His return and their homecoming—more of His Oneness.

And because of His Holy Spirit, we can know that He is still near. 

I marvel at how His Presence makes everything better and the ways in which He does this. And I know He delights in us when we turn to Him and honor Him by trusting and obeying Him as our Beloved in our greatest transitions.

It’s life-giving for ourselves and others.

My friend’s earthly father and my earthly father had passed onto Heaven within a week of each other about six months before her mother’s passing. So, we were able to confer, console and comfort each other much like the early disciples, even though we were states apart at the time. 

When life feels like it disagrees with our hearts’ desires, we can intentionally choose to align our hearts with The One who restores life-flow in greater measure. We can remember and experience His peace that protects and is life itself. And we can believe His truth of life-eternal beyond what we fully know now.

Yes, God is amazing. And I believe He delights to deeply-engage His bride in fellowship with Him, as our Bridegroom, on every occasion. 

Paul said in Philippians 4:1 TPT, “My dear and precious friends, whom I deeply love, you have truly become my glorious joy and crown of reward. Now arise in the fullness of your union with our Lord.”

So, as we arise in His Spirit through the joy of praise, we are activated in His resurrection life. And in this way, we can know part of what our loved ones know far better—that our amazing God is full of amazing grace. 

We can marvel and ponder and always have this connection, no matter what our situations. 

So, may we all rise in God’s Presence and be amazed by Him. May we honor His invitations to us to know Him more and become more like Him. And “may every one of you overflow with the grace and favor of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Phil 4:23)!

In His Mighty Name, 


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