Wisdom Strategy – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, the moment I awakened, our Lord spoke to me saying, “You can use your bubble wrap to move or to cocoon yourself. Don’t get wrapped up.”

I understood exactly what He meant. And don’t you love it when God gives us the understanding with His Word in such a clever way that helps us overcome in the beginning of a new day?

To be sure, God is not only in the macro, He’s in the micro.

He knows what’s on our to do lists. He can forewarn us so we don’t get stuck on a single action item, where the enemy of our lives can try to drain our valuable time and energy that results in frustration and a feeling of defeat. This can be especially true in areas where we have impending deadlines and feel weary at the outset or feel that we have insufficient time or resources.

Since dread works to oppose hope, in pressing moments, we must remember that God always offers us balance and that His powerful mercy and grace will help us beyond our own abilities. Our God works to resolve unfinished business. And oftentimes, in the end, we realize our situations aren’t as bad as they seemed.

For me, I had returned from a long weekend away and was faced with a few impending deadlines. In fact, two of them were on the very day God spoke His wise Words to me. One of them was what I perceived as a very unpleasant task that needed immediate resolution. Another involved an ongoing project of packing up our home.

But what’s most important to remember is that our deadlines are part of our timelines. And our timelines are tied to our Lifeline, who is our Lord Jesus. He is our Hope and Peace. He is our Mercy and Grace. And He is faithful to move on our behalves.

An advantage God gave me, in addition to His wise Words on this particular morning, came in the fresh perspective I experienced when I returned home from my weekend away. I felt rejuvenated with a new energy for organizing and cleaning up piles of boxes and wrapping supplies. It all seemed much more manageable after I returned.

We know that transitions are messy. But God has a way of helping us see what needs to be tackled first in an effort to get on top and keep us ready. He doesn’t want us to feel bound up in what can look like a mountain before us but is really a small thing to God that He will help us through.

So, after I shared time with Him on this particular morning, praying and reading what He instructed me to read, I picked up my phone to see that the impending deadline that I was least looking forward to dealing with had improved.

I was reminded of James 1:17 AMP, which says that “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above; it comes down from the Father of lights [the Creator and Sustainer of the heavens], in whom there is no variation [no rising or setting] or shadow cast by His turning [for He is perfect and never changes].”

Also, Hebrews 13:21 AMP, which says that God will “equip you with every good thing to carry out His will and strengthen you [making you complete and perfect as you ought to be], accomplishing in us that which is pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ…”

I knew faithful God was at work on my behalf. I knew that choosing to prioritize Him and dwell with Him helped my attitude and trumped the dread that the enemy tried to bring.

My most immediate deadline was resolved by the end of the day. And I didn’t have to do anything. God’s favor just lifted the yoke of it all for me (Is 10:27).

I was reminded that life is our portion every time and that God will always offer us a way of escape that works when we believe Him and follow through in His ways.

It’s important to remember, while in the midst, that our story isn’t over. And, just like God builds us in faith and grows us in grace, He also strengthens us in His wisdom in small ways to advance us.

The enemy may try to set traps for us in an effort to hinder us from progressing into all God has for us in our next assignments. But God will offer us an advantage by revealing His wisdom in both our simplest and most complex issues.

James 1:5 TPT reminds us that “if anyone longs to be wise, ask God for wisdom and he will give it! He won’t see your lack of wisdom as an opportunity to scold you over your failures but he will overwhelm your failures with his generous grace.”

Therefore, sometimes, our best prayer can be, “Lord, help me get through this. Show me the way. Give me Your wisdom on this.”

Sometimes, we need to take a moment to resolve in our hearts and declare that we are not defeated but destined for victory with faithful God. Then choose to walk in it every moment, knowing we’ll receive that for which we believe when we put our faith wholly in Him (Mt 8:13).

To God be the glory.

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Decision Making

God is our Savior in all things, even in our time. He is our Time-Saver. He redeems time, bringing His strength and beauty of efficiency into our divine purposes and assignments.

We need His perspective, so we can cooperate with Him in righteous decision making.

God has ultimate solutions for us that bring victory in His promises to us. His perfect solutions invite us to trust Him, submit to His ways above our own, build our faith and impact other peoples’ lives.

Godly decision making is purposed to know Him more, make Him known more and release our divine destiny in the process. In this, God will work out our victory-salvation, helping us to walk out His redemption for our lives here on earth.

As we remain close to Him, we cannot lose.

Hearing from God, patiently trusting Him and acting out of His wisdom are necessary for making right decisions (Pr 21:5, 28:25 TPT).

Proverbs 2:6-9 TPT tell us that “Wisdom is a gift from a generous God, and every word he speaks is full of revelation and becomes a fountain of understanding within you. For the Lord has a hidden storehouse of wisdom made accessible to his godly ones. He becomes your personal bodyguard as you follow his ways, protecting and guarding you as you choose what is right. Then you will discover all that is just, proper, and fair, and be empowered to make the right decisions as you walk into your destiny.”

Whole-hearted obedience is another key factor.

Joshua had many decisions to make as he and his troops warred to take dominion in the Promised Land. He had to take courage and hear unique strategies from God for each battle. He couldn’t lean on his own understanding (Pr 3:5). He had to hear from God and trust His perfect faithfulness implicitly each step of the way.

Just like God provided daily manna for the Israelites in the dessert, that was good only for a single day, so too was Joshua dependent upon God for daily life in resistant territory. Life was extended to him (and his troops) as he listened and carefully obeyed. In this, God developed great trust of heart and courage in Joshua as His prime leader.

Likewise, God offers us newness of life as we progress with Him, even as He prunes dead things from us that were once good in past seasons but that will not serve us well forward.

When we do it God’s way, and give Him our dis-appointments, He gives us His divine appointments.

Proverbs 28:25 TPT tells us “To make rash, hasty decisions shows that you are not trusting the Lord. But when you rely totally on God, you will still act carefully and prudently.”

Avoiding mistakes can save us time, pain and even life at the outset (Josh 7).

Proverbs 21:5 TPT says that “Brilliant ideas pay off and bring you prosperity, but making hasty, impatient decisions will only lead to financial loss.”

Still, even in this, God can use our hard-learned lessons to reveal His truth, develop us in character and give us a mercy-testimony of His goodness when we circle back to Him.

His grace is enough (Ja 1:5 TPT).

Here are some points to consider as we make Godly decisions forward in this new season:

Prioritize God as most valuable and honorable in regards to heart, time and task.

Keep hope anchored in Him as a firm foundation.

Intentionally choose to operate in faith, not fear.

Ask Him to reveal His timeline and way in specific assignments and tasks.

Yes, count the costs of decisions, which can help bring clarity, be conscious to not over analyze.

Pray unceasingly and follow His lead daily, even if it doesn’t make sense to us.

Expect God’s best, even if it comes in ways and through people we don’t expect.

When we make decisions God’s way, we will surely walk in victory. We will break through to another level when we trust God and receive and act on His invitation to come up higher with Him.

Pray with me if you will…

Dear Lord,

Thank You for drawing my heart “into understanding” as I listen to You (Pr 23:19 TPT).

“Teach me how to make good decisions, and give me revelation-light, for I believe in your commands” (Ps 119:66 TPT).

Thank You for growing me in Your wisdom that empowers me “to make right decisions” (Pr 23:19 TPT).

Help me to honor You in all my decision making, as I “constantly seek” Your kingdom and righteousness (Ma 6:33).

Thank You for giving me all I need (Ma 6:33).

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


This video-devo was graciously re-posted by the Salem Web Network, which includes iBelieve.com.